Attonbitus are a group who are rather tricky to pigeon hole. Their sound shifts stylistically from moment to moment, with a unique sonic pallet. From pop to prog, art-rock to reggae, Attonbitus create music which bridges genre divides. The band formed inside the rehearsal rooms of the Conservatorium of Music at Adelaide University, and the technical chops that they learned there shine through strongly in their music. Led by singer-songwriter Michael Brigante, Attonbitus combine music and poetry to form an immersive experience. His introspective lyrics create vivid images in the minds of listeners, which is excellently exemplified on their brand new single ‘Next Time Around’.

As much as Attonbitus are inspired by musical history, they’re sound and lyricism also draws inspiration from classic literature. As is rather fitting to their sound, dystopian literature in particular inspired their debut album David Street, which is due to drop in late July. Michael Brigante ran us through some of the literature which inspired the new record, and talked us through what speaks to him about each of these works.

A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley:

Is a dystopian novel set in the future where all humans are made in factories and are secluded to there specific class. People born into families in the novel are considered savages and are cast out from there society and ignored. Probably one of my favourite novels by Aldus Huxley really paints a blissful yet unnerving picture of a society thought so perfect in function, yet so socially isolating and completely void of human passion.

Animal Farm by George Orwell:

Simply spectacular book; describes a world where animals on a farm overthrow the farmer and then maintain governance over there own farm. Gives a big reference to some outcomes of socialism, and looks into social out casting, gas lighting, and the corruption of state. 

French DNA by Paul Rabinow:

An ethnographic writing on Geneticists and their rase in the genome project, looks into the social nuances of particular scientists and there quest for status and funding. 

Howl by Allen Ginsburg:

An incredible poem representing the beautiful and violent stream of consciousness of Allan Ginsburg.

American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis:

A look into the mind of Patrick Bateman, an American wall street broker who’s homicidal and socially competitive inner dialogue reveals an interesting perspective of a psychopath.  


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