Revealing a unique line-up and industry ethos, BIGSOUND 2015 has shaped up into yet another wholesome and enlightening expedition for music fans and curious industry guests alike. With 101 industry tastemakers and an engrossing 150 showcase artists, choices can become quite overwhelming in the sea of talent and sound. Making your possible choices a little easier, here are my top recommendations for navigating BIGSOUND and enjoying what’s on offer – either there or in your hometown.


Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Check Out: If you enjoy hazy instrumental build-ups that explode with bold textures and colours. Best described as an audiovisual experience of the senses, Planète feverishly combines pulsating instrumentals and fleshes them out into a gentle, hypnotic sucker punch.

Slum Sociable

Location: Mordialloc, Victoria
Check Out: If you like your vocal arrangements on hot wax and your instrumentals on cool ice. Slum Sociable are a mysterious outfit who debuted their live act at Sugar Mountain with high energy, sweeping notes and chiming piano notes. Simmering under the surface of their hot profile, their cool, effortless sound will have you under their thumb swaying and dancing.

Totally Mild

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Check It: If you like an unforgettable strong lead and bittersweet lyricism that makes you want to lay about in your bedroom in the best kind of ways. There’s something utterly romantic about Totally Mild that I can’t put my finger on. Their sound is infatuating; hooking listeners in with high vocals, harmonic guitar hooks and overall instrumental tenderness.


Location: Sydney, New South Whales
Check It: If you enjoy perfectly timed beats and a sickly sweet female lead. Expanding her sound with reverb and bouncing rhythms, Buoy’s sound is immersive, dipping between contrasting sounds, beats, hooks and emotions. Distinctive in her sudden breakbeats, Buoy hoists herself as a strong contender in the electronic genre.

I Know Leopard

Location: Sydney, New South Whales
Check It: If you like your instrumentals dreamy and your sing-a-longs flushed with psychedelia. Refreshing and encompassing, I Know Leopard effortlessly channel warm sunshine and anthemic arrangements into their work, ebbing and flowing with wooden notes between beats and vocals.

Tiger Choir

Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Check It: If you like to get down and dance the night away. A little grim and dreary, impulsive dance never sounded so routine. Mixing rough vocals and vibrating rhythms, Tiger Choir are the eclectic pop group you didn’t know you needed and now, thanks to the Internet, now you do.


Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Check It: If you like howling vocals, clicking rhythms and pepperings of soul, electronic and hip-hop undertones. Cascading across Australia’s electronic scene, expect to see JOY. only go upwards from here on in; with her perfectly timed arrangements, raw lyrics and somber melodies, JOY.’s endearing and you’ll fall for her sounds.

Tempura Nights

Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Check It: If you like trashy garage, steady drums and tangible electric guitar chords. Sometimes all you need is a little upbeat indie-rock to make it through the party and Tempura Nights delivers just that in digestible, teeth-kicking rock chords and jittery background moaning.

The Goon Sax

Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Check It: If you enjoy the finer things in life like gritty guitars or smirked at their band name. Flaring out with crooked rock tones, plugged in and woozy arrangements, The Goon Sax are all of what you would expect in the genre of slow-burning shamble pop.


Location: Perth, Western Australia
Check It: If you’re a fan of bubbling Internet-themed poetry or respect hard-hitting social media tycoon, GRRL PAL will satisfy all your electronica needs. Building up opulent layers through warm synths, swooning riffs and subsequent late night pillow talk, GRRL PAL is an earnest project that will put you in all kinds of moods.

Koi Child

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Check It: If you enjoy hard-hitting grooves, narcotic rhymes and heavy breakdowns. From the darker sides of Perth, Koi Child rises like a phoenix from the ashes, manifesting a unique collection of instruments and naming elements of soul as their own. With a whole lot of attitude under their belts, ‘Black Panda’ is the perfect example of their glitchy and dark vision.

Honourable Mentions

  • New Venusians
  • Ali Barter
  • Jesse Davidson
  • Sex On Toast
  • Baro
  • Morning Harvey
  • Ella Thompson
  • Sui Zhen

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