What does ‘successful collaboration’ mean? Well have a listen to TKST x Dustin Tebbutt, should give one a pretty good idea on what it sounds like when two talents meld together creatively.

Danny and Dustin, sounding much like a sequel to Selma and Louise, take to the road this June with bromance and beers, to celebrate the release of their new combined work ‘Illuminate‘.
Given both boys have had a string of success in Australia, with The Kite String Tangle (Danny Harvey) selling out head line shows and gaining Aria nominations, and Tebbutt skyrocketing with just his debut release ‘The Breach’ gaining an Unearthed J Award nomination, the pair have a lot to bring to the table.

Well the leading track, rightly titled ‘Illuminate,’ is beautiful on the ears. It’s slow, its mellow, it tells a story, it’s heavy, it’s thick with synths and electronic influences, but the little drum roll that you hear from the 2 minute mark keeps that folk sensibility to the track.
Tebbutt brings the romance out of TKST, and TKST brings the funk out of Tebutt – It’s a perfect meeting of minds.
Have a listen below, make sure you’re sitting on something soft however so you can lull away into your own little world.

Illuminate will be available digitally on April 24, with a limited edition 10″ vinyl EP, featuring two exclusive covers from Dustin and Danny doing each others works. Danny will cover Dustin’s ‘The Breach’, while Dustin will cover Danny’s ‘Words’.

“It was a really natural process and that’s been one of the most enjoyable things about this project; nothing felt forced and everything just came together.” – Danny Harvey

Illuminate’ 10″ vinyl will be available on June 5, via Cool Accidents Singles Club.

TKST X Dustin Tebbutt Tour Dates

Saturday 20th of June
The Triffid, Brisbane
Tickets available via Oztix

Thursday 25th of June
The Metro, Sydney
Tickets availabe via Ticketek

Friday 26th of June
170 Russell, Melbourne
Tickets available via 170Russell