Our crew have put together their favourite tracks this week to kickstart your weekend!

Hilltop Hoods – The Thirst (Jayteehazard Remix) Acts I, II & III

Refreshing for the ears, Jayteehazard’s remix of Hilltop Hoods’ ‘The Thirst’ EP plays through like a best of compilation, living up to standards of even the most dedicated fan and newcomers. It is an essential mix of the lyrical ability of the groups members and goes through the emotional journey of each. With spine chilling tales of the efforts and sacrifices made to build their brand, personal lives and careers the haunting energy of the realism takes over. Jayteehazard does a great job of cutting up verses in an order that makes sense and utilises the elements provided on the album as well as including his own. The best part is that this is up for a free download so check it out here:

By Ashkan Kia


The Do Yo Thangs – One Plus One 

The Do Yo Thangs’ new single ‘One Plus One’ is a chilled out congregation of soulful vocals, live music and electronic sounds that morph together to create a mesmerizing song. The song’s refrain “just like one and one makes two, I fell for you” isn’t particularly complicated but fits perfectly within the concept of the song. The fluid texture of the song creates a relaxed ambience that is reflective of the simplified nature of falling in love that the lyrics express. Lead singers Hugh Rabinovici and vocalist Audrey Powne along with harmony singers Maddie Otto and Tiaryn Griggs produce a melodic and soulful sound that mashes seamlessly with a concoction of live instruments and electronic sounds. The music video is also bizarre and fun in the best way! I can’t wait to see what’s next for The Do Yo Thangs and I definitely recommend you give ‘One Plus One’ a listen.

by Felicity Sleeman


MSTRKRFT – Runaway

The Canadian electronic duo are back bigger and better than ever. Following on from their debut 2006 LP, The Looks, and 2009’s smash sophomore effort, Fist of God, MSTRKRFT are set to return with the release of their long-awaited third album, OPERATOR on July 22. So far, we’ve heard singles ‘Little Red Hen’ and ‘Party Line’ – now they’ve gifted us with ‘Runaway.’ ‘Runaway’ presents itself in true MSTRKRFT form: heavy dance-punk beats with distorted vocals layered on top. This latest track has a vibe about it that’s different from the other singles and tracks released from OPERATOR so far – ‘Runaway’ sounds like a direct throwback to old school noughties electro, almost as though it would seamlessly slide into Fist of God. Nonetheless, ‘Runaway’ is the perfect MSTRKRFT track that both old and new fans will adore. Give it a listen and appreciate that bassline.

by Ruby O’Brien


‘Friends and Enemies’ comes from Biffy Clyro’s newly released album Ellipsis, and is a powerful evocation of toxic friendships and confusing emotions. The refrain “with friends as good as you, who needs enemies” drips with powerful sarcasm as lead singer Simon Neil evocatively conveys the feeling of being trapped in a destructive friendship. Lyrics where Neil questions “was it that bad” and “am I really that venomous” encapsulate a raw sense of emotion and guilt in relation to the situation. The loud and emphatic drumbeats lend a sense of angry nostalgia to the song that is enhanced by the prominent guitar and bass. Instruments and lyrics come together in in ‘Friends and Enemies’ to create a poignant evocation of the confusion and anger that come with toxic relationships. It is an interesting and powerful song to listen to, and I’ll definitely be listening to the rest of their new album after hearing this song!

By Felicity Sleeman


Mallrat – For Real

Brisbane teen MC Mallrat continues to drop bangers with her latest track, ‘For Real’, the second tune from her Uninvited EP. Following on from ‘Inside Voices,’ ‘For Real’ is a commentary on the mundane aspects of  youth. A self-proclaimed Hannah Montana of the rap game, Mallrat’s ‘For Real’ embodies a simplistic, happy-go-lucky sounding production – dance-like piano and a steady beat that only compliment Mallrat’s light, cutesy vocals. Lyrically, ‘For Real’ is completely on par the likes of with her own mentor, Allday. Mallrat sings, “Late to the party, hope we offend somebody” and “when you smile for real, you make me smile for real”. Mallrat’s new track is a pretty picture insight into the realms of teen-ness that sounds like floating on a cloud. Go, Hannah Montana, go!

By Ruby O’Brien


Light Years (ft Maribelle) (Akouo Remix) – GANZ

The love child of 3 talented artists. ‘Light Years’, a track by Dutch producer GANZ featuring Melbourne’s very own Maribelle is brought to life by Tasmanian producer Akouo. Transforming the lead track from GANZ’s most recent release Gao into a heavy, glitch filled banger. Beginning a lot like the original, the track showcases dense base samples complimented beautifully by the euphoric vocals of Maribelle. Manipulation of the vocals and the addition of an experimental beat build up to the epic ending of the remix. Finishing off, Akouo cuts up the track and morphs it into a tight, dup-step anthem proving exactly why his debut EP Mesa flew to #1 on the iTunes electronic charts.

The collaboration was seamless given the recent announcement of Akouo supporting the international producer on his Australian and New Zealand tour beginning mid July, including a performance from the both of them at Splendour in the Grass.

By Claire McKenzie