Radelaide local Jesse Davidson has released the video for his engaging track ‘Lagoon’. Filmed in the picturesque hood that is the city of churches, the video takes you on a journey of the Lizard Boy himself. Literally a half man, half lizard; you get an insider view of what it would be like if you ever found yourself having half a reptilian body.

It’s ridiculous the whole thing but charmingly so, Lizard Boy is seen doing yoga at Brighton beach, nightclubbing with friends and grocery shopping. The video was shot by Jesse’s drummer James Haskard and is wonderfully lo-fi with a nostalgic VHS finish.

Jesse had this to say about the clip, “We thought it would be funny if the subtext is that he’s just been through a breakup and he’s wondering why he was born as a half man, half lizard hybrid. Also ‘Lizard Boy’ is the name of my EP, so it kind of works on both levels. In some ways, aren’t we all just lizard boys? No, because that doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t mean anything.”

‘Lagoon’ is the second track to be lifted from his charming EP Lizard Boy following the delightfully infectious ‘Laika’. The EP is out now on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music via Create/Control.