On the back of sharing the stage with the likes of The Herd, Horrowshow and fellow Elefant Traks artists over the past few years, Melbourne songstress Jane Tyrrell has released her debut LP Echoes In The Aviary.

Tyrrell’s soul-infused electronica provides the backdrop for most of the release, including initial offerings ‘Wild Waters’ and ‘Echoes In The Aviary’. Even for its down-tempo characteristics, the early section of the release provides a sound introduction to Tyrell’s debut through the use of simmering vocal melody and often-reflective themes, particularly highlighted in ‘The Rush’.

The cohesiveness of the release shines particularly through tracks ‘The First Stand’ and ‘Ships’; which make full use of Tyrrell’s powerful albeit reserved and soulful vocal capabilities. When coupled with its imitable blend of jazz via electronic instrumentation, ‘Ships’ stands tall as one of the highlights of the release.

Tyrrell’s insistent ear for detail has resulted in a production level to be envied. Handled marvellously by producer Pip Norman (Sparkadia), the release meticulously balances the correct blend of percussive soundscape and stimulating instrumental melody to play a very praiseworthy support role for Tyrrell’s soul trimmings.

Whilst more-often-than-not solemn in its song writing approach, the release provides quite an uplifting visual impression through its use of full bodied soundscape; powerful yet non intrusive sweeping string sections combined with echoic natural percussion are prevalent throughout the release.

Echoes In The Aviary introduces listeners to Tyrrell’s life outside of hip-hop supports and substitutes it with an inimitable blend of flowing soul melodies, soothing soundscape and astute sonic production.

Jane Tyrrell has entered the solo artist realm with a release built on the appreciation for soothing vocal phrasing and peacefully powerful production, which proves to be a winning formula for the delicate soul performer.


Echoes In The Aviary is released Friday October 17 via Elefant Traks