Hailing from a small Australian town that is famous for fossilised fish, Canowindra’s Gordi is well on her way to becoming an international success. The 22-year-old folktronica singer has just signed with prestigious US-based label Jagjaguwar (home to Bon Iver and Unknown Mortal Orchestra) and she’s also been announced as the support act for Of Monsters and Men upcoming east coast tour. And it doesn’t stop there. The incredibly talented and ever-humble Gordi has just released this ethereal cover of Courtney Barnett’s ‘Avant Gardener’, finding the time to speak to us about her 2016 ambitions and the delicate process of her craft.

Growing up in the small town of Canowindra, are there any themes or inspirations from your hometown that have interwoven into your creative direction?

Canowindra has always inspired me, not only because it’s a physically beautiful place but also because of the nature of the close-knit community. It’s a town that embraces creativity and the support it’s given me over the years has been wonderful.

Is your hometown something that personifies your songwriting?

Everything I write, I write from personal experience so I’m sure there are parts of my songwriting that are particularly grounded in my hometown – being drawn to people or a place and working out where you fit amongst those things.

Can We Work It Out’ is a bold and powerful track that aches with every listen. Were there any standout inspirations for this single, both sonically and lyrically?

Sonically I was inspired by a lot of Nordic pop sounds and the big tom-driven percussion that they use. I wanted the track to get its energy from that driving rhythm. The lyrics come from wanting to uncomplicate things that ought not to be complicated.

 With lyrics that present themselves so honestly, how did you want fans to absorb this new direction?

I think if you write honestly you find that things translate to an audience with much greater ease. With the new direction musically I wanted to match the honesty in the lyrics by having a more gutsy production style and hoped that would make a bigger impact.

“I have to really abuse my inspiration when it comes. It’s kind of like trying to extract a puzzle out of your head piece by piece and assemble it without the picture in front of you.”

Premiering on Canowindra News and directed by PAXI, the music video for ‘Can We Work It Out’ is incredibly textured and fluid. Were there any elements or creative processes that you wanted to champion in the making of the clip? 

The idea behind the clip was inspired by this ambiguous, abstract look into the future to see if what was trying to be “worked out”, could be worked out. Even though the lyrics of the song are more focused on this conflict in relationships we wanted the music video to extend beyond that.

Having recently been announced as support for Of Monsters & Men and being signed internationally, have there been any changes within yourself that have driven you to reflect on your achievements?

I think I’m just more sure of it all now. It shouldn’t be the case but it does take things like good tour supports and signings to make you think – maybe I’m not an idiot for devoting all my time to this?! Maybe I am.

With the whirlwind of the last couple of months still raging on, what has been the most rewarding outcome to come from chasing your art?

More people turning up to shows! That really is the best measure of progress and the most tangible. At the end of 2015, I did shows in Sydney and Melbourne and it just amazed me that people were there to listen to me. I’d been so used to doing support slots that I wasn’t prepared for how rewarding it would be to play my own shows.

Is there a process of unwind or creativity when it comes to your songwriting and craft?

Definitely. I have to really abuse my inspiration when it comes. It’s kind of like trying to extract a puzzle out of your head piece by piece and assemble it without the picture in front of you. (That sounds a bit dramatic but I can’t think of a better analogy.)

With these inspirations and now an international scope on your music, what are your goals for 2016?

I want to really cement my music here in Australia as it’s so important to me to have people here responding to what I’m doing. But I’ve got a couple of trips overseas planned so the goal will be to get on a good tour and maybe a festival or two. I’ll be supporting Highasakite in the UK in May and playing Sasquatch Festival just outside Seattle and a short run of dates in US and Canada after that.

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