It’s Monday and yes, I’m a little dazed, but for all the right reasons. Building up with a sweet and eerie crescendo, Lance Ferguson has returned under his guise of Lanu with a brand new single. Shifting under glittery repetitions and romantic undertones, ‘Dragon Sun’ Feat. Megan Washington is an effortless and porous track that seeps up in a serene re-imagining. As a founding member of The Bamboos, Lanu/Lance is by no stranger to a stylised craft. Building a pillowy soundscape that’s soft, enchanting and breezy, the single features the magnetic vocals of gem Megan Washington, reaching out and ebbing across soft percussions and gentle chords in her hallow arrangements.

Lifted from forthcoming album The Double Sunrise that’s set for release early 2016, the single permeates the overarching theme of Lanu’s record as a “memory of a romanticised paradise that’s been left behind“; Lance Ferguson himself reminiscent of New Zealand from when he moved more than twenty years ago. Regardless of your own personal tastes, the single is truly voyeuristic; you can’t help but to feel swallowed whole by the encompassing warmth.