If you google searched the name of this unique art space, you’ll probably end up as I did, fishing through numerous police reports about ‘incidents above a bar.’

However if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that Incidents Above a Bar is one of Melbourne’s great hidden secrets, presenting curated art shows each month.

The Gallery is in essence a series of exhibitions developed by a group of artists in relation to their practices, and the theory of painting today, each exhibition a separate project that challenges the questions pervading art practice today.

The Gallery’s aim is to generate conversations between artists regarding their particular practices and further implications of these practices, the artists involved invited to expand and challenge their practice by taking on the role of curator for the show, therefore becoming for the duration of the project, artist/curators themselves.

This months main exhibition is Head, an exhibition curated by Louise Paramor and Lisa Young, that presents a culmination of artists that once again look into the depths and thought of art practice, opening on the 21st October 2014.


Colleen Ahern
Amanda Marburg
Louis Miller
Mark Misic
Fiona McMonagle
Geoff Newton
Callum Perry
Jackson Slattery
Sally Ross
Darren Wardle
Peter Westwood

The exhibition is also accompanied by an essay by Ruth Learner to further the conversation.

WHEN: Opening night Tuesday 21st October 6-8pm – 9th November, with opening times between 2-6pm Saturday and Sunday.

WHERE: Incidents above a Bar, The alderman, Lygon street