Formed back in 2013, Huntly have established themselves as one of the most promising local acts with the help of a string of well received singles. The Melbourne trio is mastering the craft of bridging the gaps between contrasting R&B and slow electronic genres, as demonstrated in the sultry track ‘Sunday Sheets’.

Huntly first premiered their track ‘Sunday Sheets’ last October, which has now been afforded a stellar visual accompaniment, embodying the sensual atmosphere of the song perfectly. The black and white visuals tell the tale of four individuals, as the video follows them through an escapade of raw emotional expression.The video is unapologetically brazen with it portrayal of the journey of two bodies amalmagating as one. The video harness the power of the body as a site for sexuality, the provocative imagery dissolving seamlessly into the tracks R&B and electronic arrangements.

The figures within the video occupy a specific time and place, as they deal with their past, future and own desires. The raw expressions embodied in the clip are broken up with an emotional and longing dance number.With the help of award winning director Nina Buxton, the clip is controlled and unpredictable all in the same breath, leading to a viewing experience that will leave you even more hooked with Huntly. The trio will be playing two shows in Melbourne this April, check out their Facebook for more information.