Melbourne singer-songwriter, Hugh Fuchsen has added a lot of flavour to his one-man band with a little Sauce Sauce Sauce. The collective’s latest release, ‘Go Back To The Country’ is the ultimate ode to the simple life and of course, the outskirts of Victoria.

The indie-rock group have created an extremely catchy record featuring an electric riff to remember. With a vintage tone, the frontman’s vocal style is charming yet humble, typical of the Australian sound.

Like a breathe of fresh air, the joyful tune encourages listeners to forget their troubles and instead, enjoy the little things in life such as listening to your “papa and his stories” and lying down “under the sun” with “the crickets and the kangaroos”.

With a groove made for drunken dancing, ‘Go Back To The Country’ will have you jumping in the car with your mates, headed towards the sunshine faster than you can sing, “nanana nanana naaa”.

After the release of their EP Home Made Ingredients last month, faithful fans are awaiting whatever the boys have to share with them in the upcoming year.

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