Think you know British comedy? Think again!
Anarchic sketch comedy duo Lazy Susan comprising of Celeste Dring and Freya Parker, are currently at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

Performing as part of the show ‘New Order UK,’ we put Lazy Susan to the test, quizzing their knowledge on some Aussie pastimes from Slurpee etiquette, to Chuckin’ a sickie, to the ingredients of a Lamington.

See how these two Brits faired in our game “How Aussie Are you” below:


A friend wins money. Which is an appropriate way to congratulate them?

935397-cash A.) Good job! B.) Get stuffed! C.) You bastard!

Lazy Susan: You bastard!

 Describe these Aussie Pastimes:

Chuckin’ a sickie

large ferris buellers day off blu-ray3

Lazy Susan: Pretending to be sick

 Chuckin’ a U-Ey


Lazy Susan: Doing a u-turn and vomiting

Chuckin’ up


Lazy Susan: Vomiting but with hope – Things are looking up

You go to a 7/11 and the Raspberry Slurpee has run out. What do you do?

promo_SlurpeeA.) Sigh and leave  B.) Yell and hit the machine until more is replaced C.) Slurp the dregs of the Raspberry from the drop tray
Lazy Susan: Sigh and leave  (Then wait patiently for the sweet release of death)

Describe the ingredients of a Lamington:


 Lazy Susan: Beef, gravy, pastry

What is a Tim Tam?


Lazy Susan: A Biscuit

What do call the worldwide game where two teams kick a ball into a designated point zone?

DocumentA.) Soccer  B.) Football

Lazy Susan: Football

What’s your favourite Aussie moment you’ve had?

Lazy Susan: watching the cricket celebration fireworks from the roof of our venue, The Greek Centre

What do you hope to get out of your Aussie experience?


Lazy Susan: Moderate suntans, new Aussie pals and all the Papaw cream we can fit in our suitcases.

How do you think they went?

Check out Lazy Susan in New Order UK, currently performing till the 19th April @ Greek Centre Melbourne. Tickets are available via the MICF website.