Alex Edelman, New York-based comedian who has lived in Boston, LA and Jerusalem, has exploded onto the MICF scene this year, with his award-winning show Millennial. Winner of the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer last year, we put Alex’s Aussie skills to the test in our ‘How Aussie Are you?’ game, and his results are hilarious!


A friend wins money. Which is an appropriate way to congratulate them?

935397-cash A.) Good job! B.) Get stuffed! C.) You bastard!

Alex: Good Job is the correct way. Be a good person, asshole.

 Describe these Aussie Pastimes:

Chuckin’ a sickie

large ferris buellers day off blu-ray3

Alex: Throwing up, like, after you’ve gotten CRAZY drunk.

 Chuckin’ a U-Ey


Alex: Making an illegal U-turn. In Boston, we say “Banging a U-ey.”

Chuckin’ up


Alex: Throwing up. But for no reason? I don’t know. This is weird.

You go to a 7/11 and the Raspberry Slurpee has run out. What do you do?

promo_SlurpeeA.) Sigh and leave  B.) Yell and hit the machine until more is replaced C.) Slurp the dregs of the Raspberry from the drop tray

Alex: Slurp the dregs of the Raspberry from the drop tray ALL DAY

Describe the ingredients of a Lamington:


Alex: A lamington is a piece of laminated paper that you can use dry erase markers on.

What is a Tim Tam?


Alex: A nickname for a dude called Timothy Taminghall. Or a cracker, maybe?

What do call the worldwide game where two teams kick a ball into a designated point zone?

DocumentA.) Soccer  B.) Football

Alex: I’m an American. It’s goddamn soccer at home as well.

What do you hope to get out of your Aussie experience?


Alex: Australian money, great Asian food, an Australian football game and just one day of good surfing.

Check out Alex’s remaining shows this weekend! visit the MICF website for details.