The tune to smooth out my afternoon, Hopium have released brand new track ‘Right Now’, along with an artistic film clip to make all the contemporary dancers out there writher in their ballet flats.

Harder RnB elements to this track than one might might be used to, Hopium are stretching their artistry from previous releases such as ‘Cut’. Leaving a listener, like myself, to only anticipate the next release.
While the heavy synthesised beat which hits you at the start of the track shows no funny business, the RnB sensibility is a combination of the thematic beat and that gliding verse structure. There is a conscious effort in making the lyrics fill the spaces between the beatpoints, which immediately wrings true to current RnB artists like Tinashe.
They’ve tapped into something really quite appealing, with the term suave coming to mind. Do people still use that word? Feel like Hopium can bring it back.
That heavy, repetitive beat is wired into your hip bone by the 1:00 minute mark, and before you know it your body has been hijacked.

The film clip is also a must watch, beautifully crafted and directed by Yoav Lester. Judging by the string of releases, dance seems to be the vessel of choice by the boys to convey the emotion within their tracks, yet this time we have a little water thrown in there to make it just the tiny bit more erotic.
Rest easy, you don’t need to turn on the family filter.

True to the track, I want to buy the album right now.
Yet no news as to when that will be released just yet – stay tuned!