Aussie electro hip hop veterans, Hermitude, are tagging alongside an an array of International and home grown talent in this years Laneway Festival line up. We caught up Angus to fill us in on what an amazing 2015 they had, as well as what we can expect in the 12 months ahead.

How’s your 2016 been so far?
It’s been great man, pretty chilling. Had a bit of down time.

Coming off a big 2015, what’s been your highlight?
Umm, wow. So much. We played one of our biggest shows at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney and that was just incredible. We basically came off touring in american and we came home, we had two days, then we had the Arias, and the next night we played the Hordern Pavilion. It felt like a home coming or something. 5,500 people there and the vibe was just incredible, I feel like that was a highlight.

Touring over in the states, did you notice any major differences between the American and Australian crowds?
There’s not a massive difference, but I think the American crowds really get into music and are in general are very open to conversation. And I feel like it comes through a lot when they’re coming to see shows. It’s that openness and willingness to explore you or your sound. In the early days, people would just get on the dance floor with no hesitation, where as in Australia, there’s a little bit of the tall poppy syndrome. That being said, these days we usually have a very up ready crowd from the get go, haha, so it’s hard to compare really.

“Producing for me is the funnest part. I love getting in the studio and just creating. It’s such a beautiful time in the record process, just being able to explore and playing live is the pay off at the end.”

Do you play different sets between American and Australia?
Yeah, here I feel like we can get away with more down tempo tracks off the album because people know the albums really well, and in american, there are still people who are knew to us and only know a couple of the big songs so we do change it up a little bit.

Which setting do you prefer working in, Studio or Live?
Producing for me is the funnest part. I love getting in the studio and just creating. It’s such a beautiful time in the record process, just being able to explore and playing live is the pay off at the end.

I saw on your Instagram an image of your live setup, does it, in a way, emulate your studio workflow?
I guess… I grew up playing drums so the drum pads and the mpc sampler with the pads on it, which I play a lot out live on those. It just enable us to perform live as both of came from playing in bands and we didn’t want to just stand behind a laptop and just play our songs. We just tried to figure out how we could do it live in a electronic sense, and that’s kind of what we came up with.

Laneway Festival’s coming up, you guys excited for that?
“Oh man, it’s gonna be really fun. There’s so many great artist playing.”

Who are you most excited to see?
“I’m pretty keen to see The Internet actually, ‘Girl’ is such a nice track.”

What have you guys got coming up in the way of new releases?

“We’re hoping to have a couple of new tunes to drop early this year, so we’re hoping some time in the next couple of months. And besides touring, we’re just back in the studio working here and there pretty hard on the next record.”

What sort of Hermitude sound should we be expecting in the next record?
“Maybe a bit more experimental but you can never have these grand plans, as once you start writing, the music kind of dictates it. And probably not more trap stuff. We just wanna write music that makes people feel good. But trap does that to people also so, yeah.”


Friday February 5th
Harts Mill, Port Adelaide (16+)

Saturday February 6th
Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane (16+)

Sunday February 7th
Sydney College Of The Arts (SCA) Sydney

Saturday February 13th
Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) and The River’s Edge, Melbourne

Sunday February 14th
Esplanade Reserve and West End, Fremantle