Melbourne-based producer KOshowKo has amalgamated an eclectic team of musicians from all over the world to bring you a brand new track, all in the name of giving.

Collaborating with artists from USA, Italy, Poland and Australia via the Ohm Studio ‘cloud’, KOshowKO (who has been a massive advocate for cloud collaboration) has put together single ‘The Giver‘, with proceeds from the track being donated directly to the Australian Childen’s Music Foundation.

An ode to Xmas, the track tells a highly unusual story of the one and only Santa Clause – but that’s not the only interesting part. Quite astonishingly, the track features input from musicians located across three continents who have never met face-to-face. Through the cloud collaborating service Ohm Studio, the group of musicians wrote, performed and produced the track, ending up with the polished final product below.

Purchases of the track through Bandcamp will also receive an instrumental version.

Herman Dexter (USA) & Stefy (ITALY) – Vocals
Daniel Swiader (POLAND) – Bass Guitar
Martin Koszolko (AUSTRALIA) – Jingle Bells, Synths, Drums and Percussion, Programming & Artwork