Ever travelled to far-off distant galaxies, explored inter-dimensional realms or experienced extraterrestrial lifeforms? …No? Well you’d better hold on tight when Melbourne half-dozen act Mangelwurzel get ready to launch their trip-rocket to space this weekend.

For just $10 you can jump on board when the intergalactic space-rangers put on their glitter-suits and prepare to take you to their little limbo land between this world and another, where ska meets psych-rock, and hip-hop meets post-punk.

The event will take place at Melbourne‘s Toff In Town as a fundraiser for the pressing of the band’s debut LP ‘Gary‘ tomorrow night (Saturday June 16). So hand over your blue note, free your mind and help the band liftoff with support from dark trip-state inducers 0.1 (Kirkis brainchild), and hiccupping beat rapper HTMLflowers.

Mangelwurzel ‘Gary’ LP Fundraiser

Sat June 16 @ The Toff In Town, Melbourne, 8pm

Get a taste of Mangelwurzel’s eclectic sound and hectic vibe with previous single ‘My House’ below