Fearless.  Such would be one way to describe the lead single from Melbourne recording artist Hayden Calnin‘s ambitious double debut album, Cut Love.  At almost eight minutes long, the title track is a haunting monument centered around a desolate, sensitive piano and interspersed with the chilling echoes of Calnin’s eerie falsetto vocals.

‘Creating ‘Cut Love’… was very much about writing and recording what I felt was true to who I was as a musical artist,” Calnin explains.  “It’s a very honest piece that doesn’t necessarily adhere to classic convention in modern songwriting.”  Touching, experimental, spooky and obsessive, the track is a bold choice for the upcoming album’s lead single, yet one that doubtless will be praised and adored by the upcoming young artist’s rapidly growing fanbase.

The track has already found a global audience, by being featured in the trailer for Oscar-nominated film ‘Room‘.

Perhaps the only criticism that can be raised from the progressive slow-burner is that for such a long piece, unfamiliar audiences may be expecting the song to eventually rise to new heights, yet the single fails to really get off the ground.  Calnin’s works are definitely best suited for ambient, relaxed moods and atmospheres, but for such situations you won’t find a better track, and it’s seemingly excessive length will regardless leave listeners craving more.

Such wishes will doubtless become fulfilled upon the album’s release, of which a date is currently unannounced.

You can stream ‘Cut Love’ via Soundcloud below.