Melbourne band Good Morning have just released double track ‘On The Street/You’ with accompanying six minute video. The production duo of Stefan Blair Liam Parsons, that make up the band, are no strangers to this way of sharing their music, having already released two-track ‘A Vessel/Radiovoice’ earlier this year, blending the individual tracks together lengthily and slightly manipulating the sound in the process.

Two’s company indeed, with this latest release. From the stripped back, mellow stoner rock of ‘You,’ to the bittersweet dark melancholy of ‘On The Street,’ the two-track takes twists and turns from happy to devastated, and broken to on-the-mend, but always with an elusive longing that leaves the listener not only wanting to hear more, but needing to.

After six minutes, the two-track leaves behind a crushing weight of the world, and a feeling of pensive hopelessness, that’s completely and ironically counteracted by its up-beat happy melodies that seem to dangle hope on a string like a carrot to a donkey.

The two-part video for ‘On The Street/You’ is altogether cool and calm, yet dark and deranged. Directed by band pal Jesse Sattler, and featuring warped visions of a fly-on-the-wall uncut experience of a day in the life of the band’s live bassist John Considine, the video perfectly visualises the slacker pop vibes that Good Morning do so well.

‘On The Street/You’ is available now digitally or on cassette via donation at Bandcamp.