Started from the bottom, now they’re here! Since their small beginnings in 2014, Good Manners have delivered incredible feel good vibes and extraordinary talents.

Currently managing a roster of five (Banoffee, I’lls, Klo, LUCIANBLOMKAMP & Planète), the company has recently delved into curated live shows and publicity (Oscar Key Sung, Chet Faker’s new label Detail Co.). With natural progression and a whole lot of hard work, Good Manners Records will be launching in partnership with Caroline Australia, the label services arm of Universal Music.

With a focus on artists, their creations and their special onus to sound, the label will continue to strive towards the Good Manners way and keep the creative community strong. The first full release on the label is a record of special significance, with LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s second album Bad Faith due out in early 2016.

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