Melbourne based artist Millington has recently released the visual trimmings behind the ear-catching single ‘Being’, in marvelous fashion thanks to music video production team at Oh Yeah Wow (Client Liaison, The Jezabels, The Cat Empire).

Birthed out of the Oh Yeah Wow Studios, the video divulges an introspective on relationships and the impact of “being more give than take, as explained by Millington

“The video juxtaposes the concept of the song exploring the human condition in a relationship context, a relationship being more give than take.”

Prepare to chuckle, sigh and hold your breath throughout the entirety of the video clip, which portrays the protagonist’s journey through the emotional spectrum of life, shared with a ‘partner’.

“The song itself is about birth, euphoria, love, life and hope. The video portrays lust, relationships, debauchery, fear and death. The two marry together in an ultimate portrayal of the twists and turns of many a tale told by the reality we exist in.”  – Millington.