If you haven’t seen Babbling Comedy before, get ready for the ONGAL’s.

Playing at the world-renowned Spiegeltent, The ONGAL’s returned this year to MICF after a sell-out season, winning them a place at this year’s gala and rave-reviews from critics.

Having not seen the ONGAL’s before, I had no idea what to expect. I knew that they were a different type of comedy, I just didn’t know HOW different it would be.

And after seeing them perform live, I can say that their style of comedy is, well, interesting. The group came on stage intermittently throughout the hour-long show, showcasing their individual talents, quirks, and always a crowd pleaser; bum jokes.

You can’t deny that the ONGAL’s have talent. Their balloon-animal skills, sword throwing, whip-cracking and juggling skills are second to none, the entire audience glued to their seats as the group performed some of their most death-defying tricks.

The best part of the show was the beatboxing skills that one fourth of the group displayed, his incredible impersonation of club music on the dance floor compared to outside the club amazing the audience. Hilarity ensued as the skit progressed, mixing their circus skills with the mouth-made beats to the shock of the crowd showed just how funny typical situations can be when mixed with fun and frivolity. In some ways, I wish that this had been placed at the start of the set, as by that time, I had an overload of gibberish clouding my mind to really appreciate the incredible skill and talent that was being displayed.

If one thing’s for sure, you can’t be bored at an ONGAL’s performance. Whether it’s disgust, horror, love or utter bewilderment, the ONGAL’s evoke feelings in an audience that other comedy shows just don’t seem to tap into.

The show is an amazing kaleidoscope of colours, panda onesies and strangely drawn on moustaches, imploring you to think about the way in which children, adults and indeed humans interact.

For anyone looking for a different kinda night out, I would recommend dropping into an ONGAL’s show.


The ONGAL’s have just finished their MICF stint and will be back soon!