Fear not, one of Australia’s biggest comedy/dance/theatre festivals is back, and with Sydney’s showcase underway and the Melbourne Fringe Festival just around the corner, here’s who we think you should definitely put on your itinerary this year.

MELBOURNE: 16th of September – 4th of October


Confessions Of A Sensitive Male Stripper

Confessions Of A Sensitive Male Stripper is exactly what you think it is. The alter-ego of comedian Mark Butler, “Cowboyzone” doesn’t like it when you laugh at his dancing, or when you grab him inappropriately. There’s dancing, and if witty observational comedy is your thing, check this guy out.



This is a dance performance meets a social experiment. How it works is you bring a smartphone or a tablet to the performance, log on to the site, and select what dance moves you think Chris should do next. But here’s the catch – you’re up against the dance moves everyone else thinks Chris should do – there’s a chat where you can defend your dance move choice, and Chris sees it all and decides based on the strength of your argument.

9688_Final-Website-Image-MALICE_EFUL_WEB (1)

Alice Tovey: Malice

Alice Tovey doesn’t care if she offends you. Like, at all. So please welcome her newest cabaret comedy show, ‘Malice’ – a singing and dancing collection of malicious original tunes performed with composer, Ned Dixson. This is her solo debut, and you better be ready for it – because if you’re not, you’ll be sorry.


Love, Loss and Lattes

Love, Loss and Lattes is a circus performance that is dedicated to something that affects the majority of our nation: an addiction to coffee. Watch Missy flip, spin, twirl around silk and do many other things that will make you wish you were more flexible, all whilst looking into a cup off coffee like she’s in love. A show set to take your breath away and make you think.


Become a Functional Adult in 45 Minutes

If you’re struggling transitioning into adulthood, or have recently become a fully fledged adult, this show’s the one for you. It’s a comedic look at what it means and takes to become an adult, and you might even wanna bring a pen and paper to take notes.

SYDNEY: 1st of September – 30th of September


Al & Anna’s Music Rant

Al Newstead and Anna O’Bryan are stepping out of the Triple J airwaves and onto the stage at Fringe with their live rendition of Al & Anna’s Music Rant. This show is gonna tear apart bad songs and replace them with new ones. If you’ve caught these guys with Matt & Alex, you’ll love this one – and if you haven’t, you’ll become addicted to changing up songs around like its nobody’s business.


Yoga Dance Trance

This is another one that is exactly what it sounds like. Almost. You do yoga whilst a DJ spins some tunes. But not just any tunes – trance, pop, RnB and rock. You’ll have to try your hardest not to dance, but if you can’t help it, no one will probably mind anyway. Think of it as a yoga party.

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Cooking With Music

DJ’ing meets cooking. If that doesn’t sound good, I don’t know what does. But if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s also gonna be some info on what cooking utensils make what sounds – and who knows, you might even leave inspired to make your own spatula-rock band.


An aerobic circus theatre production where they’re trying to work out what the elixir of life is. Apparently there’s also a scene in a science lab where they drink their own concoctions and then all of a sudden there’s zombies. It’s a little kooky, but if you’re into circus art, you’ll love this.


Quarter Life Crisis

Usually when you get to 25 in life, you kind of just wonder what’s next. You’ve finished your uni degree, you might have just gained your first real job, but what is adulthood (and life as a whole) actually about? Quarter Life Crisis explores all of this and more – and they even describe themselves as “a celebration of bad life choices and peanut butter”. Where do we sign?

All programs can be accessed and tickets can be purchased through the Melbourne and Sydney Fringe websites.