Gena Rose Bruce is one to watch. Hailing from Melbourne she has shared the stage with many big names including The Pierce Brothers to Bonjah and has just released a new EP titled Mad Love. We had a chat to her about making music with ‘real instruments’, the Melbourne music scene and her unusual pre-gig routines.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue making music and how would you describe the music you make?
I don’t really have a defining moment of when I wanted to pursue music. It’s really just been a part of who I am ever since I can remember. I like to make real music with real instruments.

What do you love about being part of Melbourne and its music scene?
There is just so many opportunities!
I love the respect Melbourne has for original music.


Are there any major inspirations in your sound, including artists or works?
I’m into a big range of music from Patsy cline to Angel Olsen. I get a lot of inspiration from female artists.

What was it like working with ARIA nominated producer Steven Schram for recent recordings?
Steven has been a big idol of mine for a long time. So I was really nervous to work with him! It was awesome though, we really clicked and he just got it. We finished the EP in two days!

You have been described as a witty yet subtle songwriter, how do you go about your creative process when writing music?
Songwriting to me is a mystery, I can’t figure it out! It’s different every time. I make time every day to sit and write as I think like any good thing it takes practise.

In your recent shows you’ve supported the likes of Bonjah, Timberwolf and The Pierce
Brothers. Have there been any tour highlights, moments or venues that were particularly memorable?
I still get shocked when people want me to sign their CDs or even want a photo with me. It’s really special and that’s probably the highlight of being a musician; people responding in positive way to your music.


Do you have any traditions before getting up on stage?
I have these bizarre vocal runs I do. They really help warm up the voice. I also like to have a cup of hot water.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
Bruce Springsteen he is just so wise.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2015?
To have my music heard to a whole new audience.

Gena Rose Bruce is Headlining Speaker TV’s: Citizens of the Streets next Thursday the 24th of September. Check it out (here)