South-African born, New Zealand nurtured comedian Urzila Carlson is heading to Australian shores to give those who are stuck in their childhood ways, a lesson in ‘how to not be an asshole’. Her solo show Poise Control, will give Sydney-siders the run-down on being poised, graced, and emotionally controlled adults.

With four NZ Comedy Guild Awards for ‘Best Female Comedian‘ (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) and two prestigious TV3 People’s Choice Awards at the NZ International Comedy Festival (2013, 2014), Urzila Carlson is sure to bring the house down in complete hysterics!

Ahead of this weekend’s Sydney Comedy Store shows, we spoke with Carlson to talk all things ‘grown-up life,’ and get an insight into the comedic genius behind Poise Control.

When was your first ever comedy gig?

My first ever gig was on St. Patricks day in 2008, it was a Monday, the sun was shining and my heart was beating like a steam train. Everyone in town was wearing green it was surreal!

What’s one area that living in Australia is different to South Africa?

Well I don’t live in Australia although I wouldn’t mind it, Australia and South Africa is very similar. The only difference really would be the lack of security in Australia, and South Africa have a lot more soccer fields than Australia would have.

How long did it take for you to create Poise Control?

I wrote it in a week but it took about ten performances for me to get comfortable with it and to really love it. I’m severely in love with it at the moment.

Is it hard to be so open about your life to complete strangers each night?

You’d think it would be, and I see myself as quite a private person, but then the minute I’m on stage I feel like I’m talking to friends, and it doesn’t feel like sharing with complete strangers. It’s weird to explain, but in shows I feel like we are all in it together for an hour, good or bad, we ride it together. It’s great.

What is it that you love most about being on the show 7days?

7 Days is a panel show with 6 other comedians on it, and it that the beauty lies. Stand up is lonely, it’s only you and the sound tech. But working with other comics is like being wrapped in a safety blanket, there is always someone else that’ll have your back or can pick up half an idea and complete it. It’s great, and I get on really well with all the other comics on the panel.

Is this the first time you’ve played in Sydney? Where has been your favourite place to perform?

Nope, I’ve performed in Sydney a few times now. I’ve been fortunate enough to play at the Opera House twice so of course regardless where in the world I am, I always say my most memorable and favourite place is the Opera House, everyone knows about it and would have seen photos of it. It’s iconic!

What was the first ever comedy show you saw?

Oooh it’s a weird one, it was a guy dressed in a scuba outfit in a casino on a Monday night in South Africa and his whole hour was about him being a “muff diver” and the sad part is, his main song is still in my head today…

What can audiences expect from Poise Control?

Some advise on how not to be an asshole, how to deal with assholes, how to be nice to people, how not to be too PC and too soft to say what you want, to get what you want and still be a good human being about it and how to never ever drink bad coffee again.

What’s the best audience reaction you’ve had during a show?

At a show where they were having dinner and drinks, it was a very fancy show, a fundraiser. Big black tie event, a lady at the front table dressed to the nines, took a sip of wine as I was getting to a punch line, she then snorted and squirted the red wine through her nose and onto the table and her fancy and I bet very expensive dress. It was a beautiful moment, and I got to see it. She laughed so hard for the rest of the night I thought she would pass out. She took the wine stain in her stride, she was a good sport.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2015?

A lot more travelling and to eventually take over the world! I mean, take a holiday, do some fishing, go to Asia, do some shows, land my own TV show, and then take over the world!!!

Urzila Carson Poise Control Sydney Shows

Fri Jun 12 @ The Comedy Store, Moore Park 7pm
Sat Jun 13 @ The Comedy Store, Moore Park 7pm

Tickets available via Live Nation Entertainment here