Coming off the back of a stellar MICF run that saw him snag the 2015 Best Newcomer Award, Corey White is bringing his award-wining show ‘The Cane Toad Effect‘ to Sydney due to popular demand. Debuting the show Tonight (June 5), we sat down with Corey and had a chat about his show, cane toads and his first ever comedy gig.

How does it feel to already have won so many prestigious awards?
Surreal. A part of me thinks this is all a trick and I’m actually being Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher.

Have you ever come across a real cane toad?
I grew up in Brisbane where cane toads everywhere. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but people in Brisbane have a special chair that a cane toad will sit on at dinner. If you’ve found nothing about it on Google it’s because there’s a law saying it’s illegal to tell outsiders, on pain of death. I’ve actually put my life on the line here for the readers.

Is it hard to be so open about your life to complete strangers each night?
Secrets are boring if you’re not telling them to anyone.

How has comedy helped you to find closure/happiness in your life?
It hasn’t lol. Life, like gigs, is up and down constantly and that’s okay. We’re obsessed with this idea of happiness in our culture. I try to live a meaningful life, which will involve suffering and pain. At the moment I’m applying for a passport and I’m literally tearing my hair out. I’m not happy, but I’m doing something fulfilling.

Can you tell us anything about the TV show you’re writing a pilot for?
I can but it isn’t safe to talk here. Let’s just say it’s a political comedy show for a network named after the first 3 letters of the alphabet.

What was the first ever comedy show you saw?
Weird Al Yankovic. I hated it.

What was it like being a special guest at The Wheeler Centre’s Erotic Fan Fiction night?
It was a bunch of fun and they really seemed to enjoy my piece about Michelle Obama ordering a dildo.

What’s the best audience reaction you’ve had during a show?
Where I started, Brisbane, is probably the toughest scene in the country and a lot of the gigs are in these rough pubs. Getting people just to stop watching horse racing and pay attention was the best audience reaction you could get. One time nobody even tried to glass me.

Catch Corey White and The Cane Toad Effect Tonight at 7pm. Visit the website for tickets