Forget hipsters, forget old german men, Nick Cody’s beard game is strong. Returning to the comedy circuit in 2015, Nick Cody and his newest show “Beard Game Strong” is coming our way for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Ahead of his MICF season of “Beard Game Strong,” we sat down with Nick and had a chat about his favourite comedic moments, getting drunk with his dad in Canada, and; of course, beards.

First of all, is your Beard game strong?
Most definitely. Slowed down recently by a small trim that was required for a Christening. I should have called bullshit though as Jesus had a sick beard.

When was your first ever comedy gig?
RAW Comedy Comp. I didn’t get through the first round.

How did you get involved in the comedy circuit?
After that gig, I did one more and then none for 18 months. At the end of 2006 I started properly, did as many gigs as possible. Over the course of two/three years, I went from 2 gigs a month to 3 to 4 a week. Now I average 6 or 7.

Where do you find your comedic inspiration?
Mainly from things that happen to me, things I love and things I dislike. It really is a lot about me. Haha.

Do you find that owning a beard now is more powerful than it has ever been?
Nah, hipsters almost wrecked it. Thankfully we have Special Forces beards, lumberjack beards and my beard.

How was it performing at Just For Laughs in Montreal?
Amazing experience. Beautiful city, great crowds and my Dad even flew over from Australia for it. Getting pissed with my Dad in Canada wasn’t something I ever thought I’d get to do.

How was it Supporting Jim Jefferies?
Super fun. Great to see an Aussie storytelling comic build his own huge fan base around the world and deliver groundbreaking shows.

How do International crowds differ to Aussie Crowds?
I find the country where the gig is doesn’t effect it is much as the type of place you’re in. Cities are cities, small towns are small towns, outback is generally shit. etc.

What was the first ever comedy show you saw?
I believe it was Dave Hughes at MICF when I was 14 or 15.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at MICF?
Sammy J & Randy, Anne Edmonds, Michael Che, Ray Badran, Karl Chandler, Xavier Michaelidis….there are so many awesome shows on this year.

What’s the best audience reaction you’ve had during a show?
Pretty even between performing for the troops in Afghanistan, opening for Bill Burr at the Sydney Opera House and the show where I had my DVD recording (Nick Cody, “Here’s Trouble – Live at the Metro Theatre”).

How long did it take to create “Beard Game Strong?”
Most shows take around 6 months to put together. I work on chunks of material at a time at rooms around Melbourne. Tighten ’em up, hit the road, come back home and start again.

What can audiences expect from “Beard Game Strong?”
An hour of honest and hilarious stand-up…and a kickass beard.

Nick Cody’s Beard Game Strong is at MICF from the 26th March – 19th of April before touring nationally. Check out the  MICF website for details on dates and pricing.

Check Out this clip of Nick Cody Performing at the ABC2 Comedy Up Late last year: