After a sellout season at this year’s Comedy Festival, comedy newcomer Nath Valvo has just announced that he’ll be performing an encore show this Wednesday at The Toff in Town. Performing his new show ‘Happy Idiot‘, we sat down with Nath, and had a chat about what he misses most about the 90s, his gluten intolerance, comedic inspirations and Happy Idiot.

When was your first ever comedy gig?
I got Saturday detention for impersonating my year 7 homeroom teacher to the class. She loved the ciggies and sounded like Margaret Pomeranz. Anyway, my impression was bang on but I didn’t realise Mrs O’Connor had walked in behind and caught me doing it. Sorry Mrs O’Connor.

How did you get involved in the comedy circuit?
When I was 18, 2 friends and I started a comedy skit group, The Shambles. We did stuff for Ch31 then created a live show version and jumped on in to the Melbourne Comedy Festival. It’s all grown from that.

What’s your favourite Gluten Free product on the market?
I don’t have one. They all cost too much and I hate all of them. What a rip off! Us poor intolerant folk. To all you non-intolerants – who get snarky to us – I simply ask – when was the last time you had to ask yourself “buy some cereal or afford to go on a holiday at the end of the year?”

How much of a Happy Idiot would you say you are?
I’d say I’m 85% Happy 35% Idiot.

How long did it take to create “Happy Idiot”?
It’s hard to say – the show is constantly changing and evolving as you start doing bits at clubs, doing the full show at festivals. I would say from first joke written to having the show in the sweet spot is about 6 months.

What’s your least favourite part about writing a new show?
Writing a new show.

Apart from your experiences growing up, where do you find your comedic inspiration?
It can be absolutely anything. If I find something funny or annoying or weird – I’ll take a note of it and hopefully other people agree when I bring it to the stage. People think their problems are unique, or only their mum is weird, or only they hate the beach – but chances are there is gonna be a lot of people who agree with you – comedians are just the ones who go to the trouble of charging people money to talk about it.

Who has been your favourite live comedian to have seen in the past year?
Judith Lucy. Her show was a master class and had some of the best crowd work I’ve ever seen.

What’s the one thing you miss the most about the 90s?
Impossible to choose one! I’d say – Not having a job, The TV show A*mazing, recording songs from the radio onto tape, Hit Machine CD’s, Tamagotchi’s and birthday parties at Timezone.

Now that it’s 2015, what invention do you wish was real from Back to the Future’s 2015?
I’ve never seen it. The only movie I ever watch is Sister Act 2 – Back in the habit.

What can audiences expect from Happy Idiot?
I have a lot of fun doing this show! I cover a lot of ground. Family stuff, 90’s stuff, sex stuff, some wanky foodie culture stuff! I say the C word – but just once. Also there’s my Sally Field impression that I believe to be worth the ticket price alone.

Nath Valvo is performing ‘Happy Idiot’ on 7th October @ The Toff in Town Melbourne. 
Visit the Toff’s website for ticket details.

Check out the video of Nath at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year: