From their humble pub beginnings, local mischief makers Horace Bones are just a couple of mates having fun and making it sound good. From their earlier 2014 EP release Diablita, the group has dispersed and recollected, performing live and very much going with the flow. With their moniker inspired by a carefree persona, the energy felt through their live sets is often effortless and very much wild. Self-described as “blood drinking, acid hippies“, we caught up with the Melbourne band to discuss early beginnings, artistic inspirations and little Larry David.

Take us back to the beginning. I heard the band met at a pub that one of you owned – is that true?
This is true! Our (old) bassist Matt, who owned a bar, played in a band with our guitarist Ryan years and years ago. I played drums in a different band with Ryan that had recently dispersed – at this point none of us were currently playing in any bands. Ryan just happened to be working at this very bar when he witnessed what he described as, “easily one of the best acoustic sets I watched that night”. Post gig, Ryan approached the talented Oisin Kelly and asked if he wanted to start a band. Not long after this, Matt had a baby and had to depart. We were lucky enough to find a new bassist in Danny Cockburn who, funnily enough, also worked at the same bar.

How did the name Horace Bones come about?
Well, we’re all avid fans of terrible 60s/70s horror movies and there is a movie called I Drink Your Blood (which has a well deserved IMDB rating of 5.9) that we were watching one night. The main evil character’s name is Horace Bones. The opening scene is him doing a monologue naked with a sword covering his crotch and surrounded by equally naked hippies.

Have you always been musical? What are your earliest musical memories, or when did you first pick up an instrument?
We’ve all played music for a long time and been in a great variety of different bands – Oisin is Irish, so I’m pretty sure he emerged from the womb singing a ditty of some sort

What inspires you outside of music?
I would say inspiration hits primarily when I’m eating a good meal – which is pretty often to be honest.

I saw you put out a few videos for your Diablita EP. How were those to make? Would you be interested in doing more clips in the future?
They were actually awesome fun to do and people seemed to really enjoy them. Video’s a great tool as people are much more likely to listen to your songs when they’re accompanied with something visually engaging. We will definitely be doing more – particularly when it’s coming close to launching new tracks.

In five words, how would you describe Horace Bones’ sound?
In the words of Larry David: Pretty pretty pretty pretty good!”

What’s your favourite thing about the Melbourne music scene? What are you listening to locally at the moment?
I love that any night of the week you can find somewhere to watch an awesome band play; no matter who you are and what type of music you’re into. The quality of music here is unparalleled, Melbourne really is a special city to live in.
We’re loving a local band called My Elephant Ride at the moment – last gig we went to they came out in a giant pink elephant, kind of in the style of a Chinese dragon, it was amazing.

What are you looking forward to most about performing at Citizens of the Streets, having attended previous nights? What do you think makes a good live show?
The space has a cool, creepy vibe as it’s buried deep in the grounds of the convent and has the best use of a mirror ball I’ve ever seen. Also the artists displaying their stuff to the side of the stage adds a different dynamic compared to your regular gig.
What makes a good show? A good band, good sound and a pissed audience.

You haven’t released anything since 2014, is there anything else in the pipeline? When can we expect new material from Horace Bones – or maybe a full-length album?
Correct, we haven’t released anything in bloody ages. We were bassist-less for a few months there as our bassist left to have a baby. We were lucky enough to find an awesome replacement in Danny, so have just been working the last few months to get a good groove and flow going with him. We now have loads of new material and are booked in to record in the next month or so – so new songs will be available soon! Very exciting!