Norwegian sweetheart Frøkedal has announced details of her debut EP I See You, set to drop Friday September 4 via Propeller Recordings, as well as dropping the first track, ‘First Friend’.

Pulsating synths, a varying tempo and dream like infused dramatic vocals. It is these three elements that make this track a beautifully different piece of art. Comparisons to fellow female lead vocalists Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks have been drawn, and rightly so. However, Frøkedal’s folk-pop genre is one that is slightly untapped in the Australian music scene, differentiating her from many other talented vocalists.

Her delicate yet influential presence partnered with the heavy electronic bass is a combination not to be taken lightly. This soul powerhouse is the real deal. Simplicity was a key desire of Frøkedal’s for I See You, aiming to create songs “that would make sense” to all audiences. Producing a seemingly timeless track, ‘First Friend’, it appears safe to say Frøkedal has achieved this goal.

A track that is endlessly listenable comprising of gentle undertones, yet icy cool glamorous feels make Frøkedal an artist to watch, and her EP one that is sure to impress.

‘First Friends’, is the debut track from Frøkedal‘s EP I See You, to be released September 4 through Propeller Records.