Settling back down after three months of strenuous touring around Europe, Melbourne sweethearts Andras & Oscar have regrouped for a special something at local haven Shadow Electric. Headlining the venue and calling out to longtime listeners, the show is a breath of familiar air after their recent travels found them in the likes of Amsterdam, Torin, Berlin and Antwerp.

Honing their signature combination of effortless house and flirtatious soul, you can expect to hear the lives of  ‘(I Know) What You Want’ (a recent and glorious cover), as well as both mini-album that lend it’s inspirations from late night institutions, Embassy Cafe and Cafe Romantica. If that wasn’t enough, the duo will be joined by local synthesist Harvey Sutherland – in pre-Meredith training, of course – with his new live formation Bermuda, featuring GL drummer Graeme Pogson and strings angel Tamil Rogeon, alongside Melbourne’s prodigal son Noise In My Head (NTS Radio).

Andras & Oscar w/ Harvey Sutherland’s Bermuda

Saturday 5th December
Shadow Electric Bandroom
Doors 6.00pm – 11.30pm
Tickets on sale now via