Fresh New Bites brings you the latest organic offerings hailing from the sandy, isolated shores of Australia. It’s the reason we raise the purest original stock – lovingly and tenderly nurtured from the womb to the plate, and it’s all for your culinary and auditory enjoyment. Welcome to your one-stop shop for the tastiest new tracks that will ensure you are the envy of all your music snob friends.

5. Leisure – Hot Love

Technically not from Australia but it was too difficult to resist. Thank you, New Zealand… Tinges of disco, psychedelia soul and Modern Love-era Bowie are somehow all encased in a contemporary minimalist style that expressed in a unique manner that I can’t say I’ve heard before. Gentle funk grooves situate the soft vocalist’s falsetto outside of any one identifiable genre. ‘Hot Love’ is also eerily entrancing, maybe I’ll use it as the backing track to my next seance…

4. Wabz – Alley

Subtle garage vibes littered with snippets of chopped up soulful samples lie comfortably atop of bubbling, pulsating synths. Soft, mellow yet warm piano lines lick around the groove, forcing space within the track that is otherwise unapparent. I love how all the elements in ‘Alley’ simply exist around each other, in no way overcrowding or clogging the thick texture. This guy has the grimy production feel down to a tee – the way I imagine it is as if he’s just thrown mud all over a starkly white clinical hospital room. Sonically enchanting – I’m still waiting with bated breath for the debut album out soon – check SoundCloud in the coming months.

3. Chiefs – Demon

This track has been on repeat in my playa for the past few hours. The gently lilting reggae dub feel switches seamlessly into a halftime groove and makes creative use of very little vocal material, creating a sound structural arrangement.

2. R.W Grace – Shell

RW Grace has a masterful grasp on complex vocal layering which is evident in this track. I enjoy the complete polarity between the verse and the chorus section – starting off with an ominous industrial-infused grunge feel, ‘Shell’ suddenly morphs into a bit of a pop banger with dissipating drums that seem to belie its complexity, before dissolving into a chopped up and screwed combustion of all the elements of the song. Cool.

1. ATMA – AU Underground mix #005

Hour-long mix from Melbourne producer/DJ for AU Underground. There are a few moments of passing tension between tracks but I kind of enjoy it in a perverse way. And, of course, there are notes of release, the calm after the storm: my favourite point is around 12:00 mark when #005 embarks on a soulful minimal house journey. I get the impression this is somebody blessed with a heap of intricate ideas who is only just on the brink of discovering an eminent broader place of consciousness… i.e, one to watch.

Please tune in the same time next week for the next dose of fresh farm produce.