Fresh New Bites brings you the latest organic offerings hailing from the sandy, isolated shores of Australia. It’s the reason we raise the purest original stock – lovingly and tenderly nurtured from the womb to the plate, and it’s all for your culinary and auditory enjoyment. Welcome to your one-stop shop for the tastiest new tracks that will ensure you are the envy of all your music snob friends.

5. Allysha Joy – Drown In My Own Tears (Ray Charles cover)

This girl has held a special place in my heart since I chanced upon seeing her in a small upstairs bar one fateful Wednesday night. With a smoky and fragile yet somehow powerful tone that soars effortlessly through the registers, she delivers a powerful rendition of this classic that is an ode to Ray Charles’ legacy. This is one to watch…

4. Grown Ocean – Like I Do

Sydney seems to be coming up with all the good homegrown talent at the moment, such as this diamond of a track from Grown Ocean. I despise using the term future-soul as it seems to be thrown around all the time lately, but this is truly a futuristic reimagining of soul. With vocalist WALLACE’s ribcage-shaking vibrato and Little Dragon-esque interval jumps, this inventive offering seamlessly blends RnB, trap and pop.

3. Mondecreen – Dark and Day ft. Indighost

Proving that it has many more exports apart from fireworks, politics and porn, once again Canberra pulls out all the stops with this funky bop number from duo Mondecreen. Featuring a slick flow from MC Indighost over the top of swelling synth chords, this is the latest feature from the genre-hopping two and certainly not the last.

2. Anomie – Flick The Switch 6 Mixtape

The latest offering in annual release from Sydney producer Sofie Loizou. With lashings of dub, hip hop, reggae, glitch and her own brand of drum and bass, Anomie has served up another fresh fusion of all things tasty in this deliciously slow cooked 1 hour mix.

1. Dru Chen – You Got It Babe

This youngster has matured wisely since his last releases, with his newer material leaning much more solidly into the RnB/soul category. The influence of neo-soul forefathers like D’Angelo and Bilal is evident but it seems like Chen is increasingly developing his own unique sound. With a powerful and clear falsetto and flawlessly layered harmonies, he’s still bordering on the line of cheese but nevertheless shamelessly so.