The freshest organic offerings hailing from the sandy, isolated shores of Australia. Your one stop shop for the tastiest bites released each week.

5. Okenyo – Just A Story (Adam Bozzetto remix)

Bozzetto has somehow managed to transform this formerly kooky future-soul track into something of a house banger. Satisfying in an entirely different way.

4. ALTA – Moves

A strange new offering from these old-hand Melbourne hipsters. Interesting take on hip hop trap but with their own unique style superimposed over the top. I think there’s an elephant cry sampled in there. ???

3. Sex On Toast – Oh Loretta!

A caramel-dipped candy apple smooth ode to love. Sultry horn solos and a disco Beach Boys vibe (close your eyes and imagine)…

2. Wayfarer – Scrubs Pls (No Scrubs Retwerk)

Overly drenched in delay and signature trap beats. Sounds like Lisa Lefteye reappeared as a ghost and TLC got on qaaludes and redid their 2000s gold hit.

1. Daniel March – Nina

Echoes of Miguel and Dwele in this soulful smooth pop ballad. After a two year hiatus, this is March’s first release with more in the works. Keep an eye on this one.