Here’s the latest instalment in Fresh New Bites, your one-stop shop for the tastiest new offerings from local talent.

Jordan Rakei x Kiran Kai – Maya

This is the latest offering from the Brisbane-born, London-based act Jordan Rakei in conjunction with London producer Kiran Kai. Rakei’s trademark sound of Korg organs and a gentle, lilting funk groove mixed up with a little reggae dub feel creeping in feature in ‘Maya’, with sweet whispering vocals and waterfalls of harmonies. An ode to D’Angelo, as ever.

Howl Prince – Just Blow (prod. Araabmusik)

The first single off of the upcoming mixtape ‘September’ from Melbourne-based future RnB singer Howl Prince, and an exciting example of what is to come from this up-and-comer. A sultry smooth vocal sits comfortably astride a 2000s RnB/hip hop beat, and tight rap verses soon ensue. One to watch.

Xujih – James Blake by Digital Lion (Xujih bootleg)

A dark foray into the domain of drum and bass, atmos and dubstep. Sampling the sweet sounds of James Blake’s vocals but entrenched in a grimy, industrial nightmare. Reminiscent of Burial/Thom Yorke/Four Tet mixes.

Young, Gifted and Broke – Green Tape

A housey intro leads into a heightened honky-tonk piano sample hook featuring steel drums, timbales and Jamaican percussion. Give it a few minutes and it breaks into a broken down, half-time funk-infused groove with swinging 60s Hammond organs. An intriguing intro listen.

Amin Payne – Belly Dancer (ft Billy Hoyle)

A diamond in the non-existent rough of this man’s back-catalogue, dripping with funk and soothing soul. Enough said.