Fresh New Bites brings you the latest organic offerings, with a special feature instalment in the series Fresh From Seoul, South Korea. Although the Western world knows it for its chemically clean produced K-pop movement, South Korea has a thriving alternative music scene. Here, indie collides with the commercial to create a kaleidoscope of popular music styles with a decidedly contemporary edge.

This week’s mixtape specialises in underground indie music within the Seoul scene, with a handpicked selection of culinary delights from the most exciting undiscovered artists in the Korean independent music scene right now.

It’s the reason Fresh New Bites raises the purest original stock – lovingly and tenderly nurtured from the womb to the plate, and it’s all for your culinary and auditory enjoyment. Welcome to your one-stop shop for the tastiest new tracks that will ensure you are the envy of all your music snob friends.

KOHO – Wait 4 U ft. Lee Daheen

Caramel-smooth production makes this track a slow-burner with a wholly digestible pop vibe. KOHO’s vocals are expertly utilised to the best of her ability, but the production is what really carries this track over the line from lame K-Pop Britney Spears to smooth as f*** RnB stylings.


The latest release from one of Korea’s hottest underground rappers of the moment. Courtesy of Hi-Lite Records and one of the many talents from local rap crew The Cohort, Oka$ian gives us a purp-ed out trap track. Once again he makes the best of his unique lazy drawl over a slow, cooked beat.

Theoria – If You Don’t Know (remix)

Theoria presents an intoxicating grime remix of JME ‘If You Don’t Know’ that starts off understandably understated, before progressing into a guttural half-time groove. This is the vibe that inhabits the hippest basement clubs in the heart of Seoul, where young subterranean city-dwellers trap dance with their chains clinking around to the beat of some UK hip hop grime. You’ll have to go there yourself to find out…

75A – Fake Diamond ft. NoPitchAir

Another minimal, restrained yet enchanting example of a YOUNG, GIFTED & WACK export. Dreamy and tripped out, this lo-fi demo takes the listener into a lulling trance all the way up to cloud nine.

Telefonist – Sunny People (Flash Flood Darlings remix)

Schizophrenic flanger guitar collides with over-processed vocals and a pulsating beat and soaring violins in this anodic remix. A curious mix of minor resolution with an uplifting vibe.