Fresh New Bites brings you the latest organic offerings, with a special feature instalment in the series Fresh From Seoul, South Korea. Although the Western world knows it for its chemically clean produced K-pop movement, South Korea has a thriving alternative music scene. Here, indie collides with the commercial to create a kaleidoscope of popular music styles with a decidedly contemporary edge.

This week specialises in underground hip hop, with a handpicked selection of culinary delights from the most exciting undiscovered artists in the Korean hip hop scene right now.

It’s the reason we raise the purest original stock – lovingly and tenderly nurtured from the womb to the plate, and it’s all for your culinary and auditory enjoyment. Welcome to your one-stop shop for the tastiest new tracks that will ensure you are the envy of all your music snob friends.

INK$H – Kowtow ft. Qim Isle
Beginning with some entrancing, wailing chant sample and a catchy as hell incomprehensible hook, this track quickly falls into a lilting and rhythmically enchanting groove with an unforgiving underlying trap beat and some tight rap verses. Cool.

Scentok (쎈톡) – Know답 (노답)
Gentle, rhapsodious piano blending with an aggressive yet somehow still somber hip hop beat, topped with an ambitious and attacking flow from talented undiscovered Korean rapper Scentok.

Coke Jazz – Cold 
This latest track from emerging producer Coke Jazz (The Cohort) harks a welcome throwback to the 1990s likes of Donell Jones, Mya and Aaliyah with its sparse instrumentation, tight melodious keys and caramel-sweet soundscapes.

OTAKHEE x M.E.D – Wurrup (instrumental)
Fresh off the back of his new mixtape Psychedelic Weather with West Coast emcee M.E.D (also known as Medaphoar) of Stones Throw Records fame comes this raw instrumental track from emerging Korean producer OTAKHEE (Greater Fools Records). A dark, grimy, industrial feel collides with a deep, slow yet unsettling groove, resulting in an exciting taste of what is to come from this producer.

DCLAT – Mutant
The latest track from this exciting new producer lulls the mind and the soul into a kaleidoscope of sound and colour contentment. My only problem is that this track ends … far too soon.

Boole – 특정다수
Scorching 70s Hammond organs interlope with Boole‘s unrelenting flow on this instrumental of Jay-Z track ‘Picasso Baby’. Interesting.

GBPT (지비티피) – Do The Rap (랩을 해)
A slightly less recent track off of the mixtape Go Back To Your Planet by the MUSICALIVE collective released in the last few months. Fans of Quasimoto and Eligh & Magi will appreciate these talented newcomers.