Christmas is here, and whether you’re a Scrooge or a Buddy The Elf when it comes to the incessant carols, tinsel and Fake-snow soaked Christmas trees in 40 degree Aussie weather, a Christmas Market is always a hoot.

Fremantle Arts Centre, one of WA’s best cultural hotspots for exhibitions, events and workshops has just announced the stall holders for the 2014 Christmas Market, Bazaar.

A three-day event, the grounds of FAC are flooded with Christmas shoppers and bemused locals alike, presenting a wide-range of locally made gifts, artworks and free live entertainment.

Along with first time stall holders, some established artists and craft makers return to Bazaar each year, presenting new works for the public to purchase.


Convict (Bags and Accessories)
Song Textiles (Prints and Patterned clothing)
Zinongo Studios (Pottery)
Jodies Junk Art (Sculpture)
Montage Collective (Handmade gifts)
Tony Docherty (Designer Furniture and Kitchenware)
Nells Emporium (Embroided Collection)
Miscii (Jewellery)
Simplicity Looms (Homemade Paraphenalia)

Bazaar Christmas Market is set in the FAC gardens running from the 5-9th December