World’s End Press deliver yet another musical piece that shows diversity in styles and influences with latest EP Tall Stories (out now via Liberation Music).

As a result of a summer misspent in studio lockdown, with the lights off and the PA turned up far enough to blur one’s vision. The five tracks touch on themes of crossed wires, self-deceit, enigma and unconditional love.

We asked World’s End Press vocalist John Parkinson to share with us some of his favourite releases over the years and some of the inspirations behind the EP artwork and sound for Tall Stories.

Did any albums influence the production or music of Tall Stories?  

A combination of doing some amateur DJing, amateur dancing and casual listening has definitely left a mark on these new songs.  I was also thinking back to more dance-oriented albums I listened to when I was much younger like Underworld’s ‘Beaucoup Fish’ and even Artful Dodger feat. Craig David.   

What is your favourite album of all time?  

In terms of play count, the aforementioned Beaucoup Fish would take the title.  

What was the first album you bought with your own money? 

I bought One Hot Minute – Red Hot Chilli Peppers then took it back for a refund because I didn’t like it and $18 was half a yearly wage back then.  


Which album has influenced your music style the most? 

In a strange way, though our music is so totally different, I would have to say that Ladies and Gentlemen … have guided us in the way we present our performances and sequence our albums.  Spiritualized make seamless live shows and recorded music and that is something that we really aspire towards.  

Which albums do World’s End Press like listening to while on tour? 

Most of the time we put on mixes but over the years we have had our favourites.   

I remember when we toured America with Cut Copy we had a big hire van for a week which we drove around LA listening to The Chronic 2001.  Ashamed to say when it was actually released I never went beyond the drunken house party singalong to The Next Episode, but I discovered that listening to the whole album (whilst in the city it was made) makes for very, very good fun.   

Dr Dre

What has been the biggest surprise release of 2015?

I’m really bad at keeping track but was Syro released this year?  That was a massive surprise and an exciting one after a decade of not hearing from Aphex.

What was playing on your family stereo growing up?  

Vangelis Chariots Of Fire.  Fun for all the family.

Which album did you play to death as a teenager? 

I cycled between a Holy Trinity of OK Computer, Blue Lines, Beaucoup Fish.


What is your favourite album artwork? 

Again….Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space by Spiritualized. The special edition was assembled in a medical packaging factory and contained individually sealed tracks with dosage directions. A genius bit of the 90s pop art.


If you record an album with any producer in the world, who would it be, and why?  

Not very original, but, to be honest, I would love to record with Brian Eno and write down all those aphorisms he spouts. He has heaps of brilliant ideas though you’d probably want to have a kill switch as he does talk a lot.  

What is your favourite track on Tall Stories? 

I’m always oscillating between easy-listening moods and raging tantrums; I think ‘Love Tear’s is a nice blend of the two. For that reason, I’d say it is my favourite.   

What was your inspiration behind the artwork for Tall Stories?  

I had a working dialogue with JD from Totem Visual and we talked about something simple and not too pictorial.  The starting point was an old poster for the Piccolo Teatro in Milan by Massimo Vignelli and the end point was something very different.


What was your most memorable moment while recording Tall Stories?

3:37 pm on Sunday afternoon when I finished mixing down the last track and had a beer in the sun.

World’s End Press Tall Stories EP is out now via Liberation Music.

World’s End Press Tall Stories 2015 Tour Dates 

Saturday 3 October
Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Friday 9 October
Civic Underground, Sydney

Saturday 10 October
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Saturday 17 October
Howler, Melbourne

Saturday 24 October
Young Muscle at Rocket Bar, Adelaide