Local artist Summer Flake is rapidly gaining a following and a band to keep your eye on. With a new band behind her, Summer Flake is about to launch her brand new EP Time Rolls By in Melbourne and Sydney.

We asked Summer Flake to take us through some of her favourite releases of this year and reveal where her EP artwork came from and what other titles were in the mix for the EP.

What is your favourite album of all time?

Oh, my god, you can’t have an ALL TIME favourite. Can you? The stuff I listened to when I was a teenager are the ones that I fell for the hardest, and obsessed over the most, learnt off by heart But they definitely are the best albums and maybe don’t all stand the test of time… but I thought the most enduring album that hit me hard then and now is probably “Live Through This” by Hole. It sounds so good and is balance and tough and provocative and loud and soft and vulnerable. Could I dive all the way to the bottom of this album if I heard it for the first time aged 33? I like to think so.

What was the first album you bought with your own money?

I always liked collecting and hoarding stuff, and from a really young age would line up my cassettes in this metal box that turns out is a nightmare to get through airport security. But anyway, I can’t recall the first album that I actually bought, but in 1988 I won Peter Combe “Newspaper Mama” in a colouring-in competition, and around then I would have got “New Jersey” by Bon Jovi, and “Man of Colours” by Icehouse. Let’s say I bought…. Icehouse.

What was playing on your family stereo growing up?

Just so much commercial radio. I don’t associate any particular artists strongly with my parents and their tastes. I know my mum went to King William Street to see the Beatles arrive in Adelaide? And I remember her introducing me to Neil Young and then turning it off because his voice irritated her. My older brother, Simon, introduced me to a lot of stuff, although we diverged around the height of Britpop.


Which album did you play to death as a teenager?

I wore out two CDs of Veruca Salt “American Thighs”, and dubbed onto several cassettes in different tracklist orders to help extend my enjoyment when I arrived at that terrifying point where I  might have overdone it. Also got in on clear and pink splatter vinyl.

What albums/EPs are you currently listening to?

Lana Del Rey “Honeymoon”
Wireheads “Big Issues”

Neighbourhood Threat EP
Yo La Tengo “Stuff Like That There”

Tamaryn “Cranekiss”

Body/Head “Coming Apart”

Gillian Welch “The Revelator”

Day Ravies “Liminal Zones”

Sibylle Baier “Colour Green”

Mope City “Halfway House” 7”

Crayon Fields “No One Deserves You”

Cass McCombs “Wits End”

Girl Pool “Before The World Was Big”


What has been your favourite EP or album release of 2015 so far?

I heard Terrible Truths new LP today and it’s immediately great!

What record stores can you not live without visiting regularly and why?

I used to enjoy going to the little group of record shops in Port Adelaide now, foraging for weird old stuff, and Polyester Records for new and local stuff and in-store gigs, but since moving to Melbourne I have been trying so hard not to spend too much time in the stores aka trying not to spend money I don’t have. The last few releases I bought were merch from gigs, probably Wireheads.


Where did the title Time Rolls By from and was it the only title you had for the EP?

The EP had a few other names before I settled on Time Rolls By. It’s part of a lyric from “Makes Me Wanna Cry” – “Time just rolls by on its own/ won’t look back exclaim how much you’ve grown/ it won’t help you say goodbye/ makes me wanna cry”. The EP was actually seriously going to be called Mad With Power, I couldn’t really own that, though. Then it was going to be Blur Me Out, but that kind of became hard to say out loud, too many phonetic mishearings. Time Rolls By seemed to suit the themes of all the songs and the tone of the EP, it’s kinda midpace and twangy.

What are your favourite track/s from the EP and why?

I like “Makes Me Wanna Cry” a lot. It’s got a little guitar run in it that’s been floating around with me for a year, and I like the lyrics. Geoff O’Connor who recorded the EP says his fav is “Number One”, which is probably the quickest song I’ve ever written, so I feel like it hasn’t earned my full respect yet.  Ha!

What was the inspiration behind the EP artwork for Time Rolls By and who designed it?

I spent so long on the new Summer Flake album – which is coming out next year – laboured over the writing, recording and artwork, so I wanted to just lighten up with the EP, treat it as a quick project, I didn’t want to labour over it. Flipping through the Crase fam albums I found this group of photos of my siblings and I playing in this kids playpen, and then there was a picture of this grumpy family cat, Percy, just chilling in the cage. It was kinda nice and nostalgic and absurd and sunny. I’m not a cat person at all, to be honest, the picture just struck me.

Time Rolls By

What is your most memorable moment from recording Time Rolls By?

I’m just impressed that it sounds so tight for how shambolic it was written and recorded. We most of the drums in one night at James Mannix’s house. I played guide guitar and had a vocal mic so I could give Mannix some cues. He just mixed up snare and kick drum, didn’t use any toms and got it all down in one or two takes after never hearing the songs. He’s pretty good! The cover of “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind” I recorded guide guitar to a dinky keyboard drumbeat and I emailed it to him and he sent back the drums and did a pretty good job without any guidelines or knowing what the finished song would sound like. Great job team.

Summer Flake Time Rolls By is out now via Rice Is Nice Records

Thursday 5th November
‘Time Rolls By’ Launch – The Old Bar
with Lower Plenty, Shame Brothers & Sleepless Nights

Saturday 5th December
‘Time Rolls By’ & ‘Three Songs’ launch  – The Vic
with Matt Banham & Shrapnel.