Sydney-based hypnotic trio NOIRE have just released their debut EP Baby Blue. Recorded with multi-award winning producer Wayne Connolly (SilverchairYouth Group, The Vines), the EP is another poignant piece of dream-pop goodness featuring single ‘Just Like Honey’.

We asked the Noire’s lead singer Jess Mincher to take us through some of her favourite albums of all time, musical influences and their most memorable moment in the studio recording Baby Blue.

Did any albums influence the production or music of Baby Blue?

For production, we had pretty specific ideas and references on drum sounds and guitar tones. We were showing our producer the snare sounds in David Bowie’s ‘Just Dance’, and Billy had some Band of Horses references for guitar reverb.

What is your favourite album of all time?

Ahh, that’s too hard, it would depend on how I was feeling. But I would say I’ve listened to The Virgin Suicides by AIR the most over the past couple of years.


What was the first album you bought with your own money?

Princess Diana had just died and that same week I’d finished a primary school assignment on her. I was so sad; as soon as Elton John’s Candle In The Wind came out I lined up with my Dad at the local CD store and bought the single. Ha!

Which album has influenced your music style the most?

I don’t really think there is one; I mean I like certain elements from all different albums. I love the honesty in singers like Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley. I’m in love with film soundtracks, specifically from AIR and Ennio Morricone, I think it’s so powerful when you can get both visuals and music telling the same story and completing each other’s character.

Which albums do Noire like listening to while on tour?

The Beatles – Lonely Hearts Club, Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See, Robert Johnson – King of The Delta Blues, Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg self-titled album, Beach House – Bloom.


What has been the biggest surprise release of 2015?

Miley released a surprise album after hosting the VMAs; I haven’t listened to it yet though!

What was playing on your family stereo growing up?

A lot of rock, The Clash, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Cat Stevens.

Which album did you play to death as a teenager?

I was doing dancing at the time, my friends and I would always put on In The Zone by Britney Spears. This was the soundtrack to a lot of sleepovers and really bad dance routines.

In the Zone - Britney Spares

What is your favourite album artwork?

There are too many! I bought ‘The Beatles Ballads’ record; the cover is by John Byrne and is an incredible painting of them, surrounded by all these animals. I thought FKA Twigs LP1 was beautiful; it was such an intimate self-portrait with great colours. I loved how minimalistic it was as well. All of The Ronnettes covers, the classic 60’s feel, with big block colours – so good! New Order also has great artwork, Power, Corruption & Lies is really beautiful. I could go on forever…

fka twigs lp1

If you record an album with any producer in the world, who would it be, and why?

Quincy Jones would be amazing, even if just for the stories.

What is your favourite track/s on Baby Blue?

Baby Blue because it’s the newest track.

What was your inspiration behind the artwork for Baby Blue?

It’s a photograph I took on a road trip we made in July throughout America. The colours of the landscapes there are just incredible, and it looks as if the clouds were painted onto it. The sign culture and advertisements are a huge part of the American landscapes. There was this one restaurant whose signs started 500 miles out, and every 20 miles or so there would be a new sign for the same restaurant. The build-up for it was enormous and really beautiful, we got to the restaurant and it was this small and awful place with bad coffee.

Wim Wenders the filmmaker takes incredible photographs of Western landscapes and he talks about decayed and faded signs as grand ambitions gone awry.”A lot of plans collapsed and hopes collapsed — and the American West, the landscape of the American West, took it back.” Things don’t always work out and forever remain mysteriously lost to another place and I guess that’s the feeling this photograph gave us, which encapsulates the EP pretty nicely.

Noire Baby Blue

What was your most memorable moment while recording Baby Blue?

I think the whole thing was pretty memorable; it was a good process of learning.

Noire’s Baby Blue is out now.

Noire Tour 2015 Dates

Saturday September 26th
Surry Hills Festival, Sydney (Day show)

Saturday September 26th  
supporting Slum Sociable @ Goodgod, Sydney (Evening)

Friday October 2nd
supporting DR GODDARD @ Goodgod, Sydney

Saturday 10th October
The Ladies Network – Fredas, Sydney

Wednesday 14th October
Hamilton Hotel, Newcastle
w/ Service Bells, Summing & WZRD SCRS