Catch Release Records is an artist-run label founded in 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. The label was created by David Noordhoff (formerly Celadore, currently Alma Kalorama). “I like to think of Catch Release as more of a collective of creative people who bring different skills, thoughts, qualities and ideas to the table. Having worked with a few labels myself in the past, I really wanted to use what I had learned from those experiences and facilitate a team environment where all of the artists feel part of a supportive community that isn’t bound by style, more-so common sensibilities” – David Noordhof

We asked label owner David Noordhof’s thoughts on some of his favourite records and the influence they’ve had on your life as a musician/label owner.

What was the first release on Catch Release?

The first release on Catch Release was The Evening Cast’s ‘Lake’ EP. In anticipation of their upcoming gig, I listened back to this for the first time in a while just yesterday while I was coming home on the train. As soon as I got home I sent a text to Joel and Paul from the band to tell them what a damn fine record it still is – so proud this was our first ever release.

What EPs or albums have Catch Release released so far this year?

This year we’ve released Fieldings’ single ‘A Pleasant Stutter’. I was spellbound by her previous single ‘Come Easy At Me’ and was stoked to have the opportunity to release its follow-up which is another really strong tune. We’ve also just released Slowly Slowly’s new single ‘Empty Lungs’ – it’s an absolutely killer pop-punk song.


What is your favourite album of all time?

A tough question but according to my iPod, my most listened to album’s are a near tie between Crowded House – Recurring Dream (though I’m not sure it counts as it’s a best of) and The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night. Funnily enough I wouldn’t have said that was even my favourite Beatles record, but the iPod tells no lies.

What was the first album you bought with your own money?

I’m unashamed to say that the first record I ever bought with my own money was John Farnham – Romeo’s Heart.
What do you love most about putting out records on your own label?
I really enjoy the process of a release. Artists put so much effort into shaping and creating their music, why shouldn’t the release be as much of a concerted effort? Catch Release is a real community and I love the sharing, comradery, team hugs and high fives that come with each release.


What has been your favourite EP or album release of 2015 so far?

My favourite album of the year would definitely be Gang Of Youths – The Positions. I was a little late to this one but was lucky enough to catch them at Northcote Social Club a few weeks back and not only is it an incredible album, it also translates superbly live. It was probably also my favourite live show of the year to date.

What was playing on your family stereo growing up?
We had a lot of family holidays when I was young and though I probably didn’t appreciate it enough at the time, cassette tapes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Billy Thorpe, Roy Orbison and Cat Stevens were all well-worn.

Which album did you play to death as a teenager?
I think it would be Gyroscope – Sound Shattering Sound. I saw them open up ‘Punk Fest’ at my local Youth Centre back in about 2002 and their intensity completely knocked me off my feet. I came to really admire the brotherhood and mateship they exuded as a band as well as the way they connected with their fans. As I began forming my own bands, those qualities set a standard which we modelled ourselves upon. Sound Shattering Sound really encapsulated the passion which drew me in at that first show and the record remained a staple for me throughout my teenage years.


What record stores can you not live without visiting regularly and why?

I’m lucky to live about halfway between Thornbury Records and Polyester Records and for anything a little older, my guilty pleasure is rummaging through the shelves at Dixons Recycled Records.

If you could have released any record in the world what would it be, and why?

It would have to be Kid Sam’s debut album. Every song on it has been my favourite song at one time or another and every time I listen back I find something new to adore. Unfortunately I first came across this record after the band had disbanded however I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to see them reform earlier this year at the Two Bight Lakes last hurrah – it was everything I’d hoped it would be.

What album has had the most memorable artwork on Catch Release and why?

I really love the minimalism and innocence of Owen Rabbit’s two single covers for ‘Police Car’ and ‘Violence And Degradation’.



What other releases are in store for Catch Release in the second half of 2015?

The second half of 2015 will see the debut albums from Slowly Slowly and The Evening Cast – incredibly excited to finally see both of those artists extend themselves to the long play format. I also hope there will be new singles from Fieldings and Owen Rabbit.

Label of Love at Shadow Electric
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