Reinvention is a testament to a band’s adaptability and is a thing when – done right – absolutely blows fans out of the water. In celebration of Bring Me The Horizon‘s announcement last week of their upcoming return to Australia (for the first time since 2013) I entered my room in celebration, curled up in bed and recapped some of the most iconic music videos from one of the most influential alternative bands to have emerged in our generation.

Pray For Plagues (2006)

In stark contrast to the BMTH sound we hear today, ‘Pray For Plagues’ showcased the heavier beginnings for a band who went on to cover such a diverse range of sound. The video exhibits the darker aesthetic tones common of Bring Me, being arguably their visually darkest video to date. On first release, 15-year-old listeners found themselves with an awkward story to tell, questioning why there are porn-esc style moans broadcasting from their family computer.

The Sadness Will Never End (2008)

Through writing this, I have began to comprehend that the consistent success of their long career can be attributed to the organic transition they have undergone. Within ‘The Sadness Will Never End’, BMTH play with cleans through the guest feature of Sam Carter (Architects) – following tracks like for ‘Pray For Plagues’ this experimentation paved the way for the newer reinvented sound fans hear today, attributing further to the overall progressive process.

Chelsea Smile (2009)

This song brings to mind the age old case of originally using words ironically – only for them to stick. This absolute banger of a track has not only found itself among regularly spun tracks in any Destroy All Lines venue nationally – but helps define a sub-culture that now are on their last legs. This vibrant video iconically captured a reflection of the scene of which they were within at the time of its release – while even being completed with one alcohol-soaked, jiggly, dancing-man. Through Sempiternal, BMTH etched a new direction for themselves as a collective; reiterating their unwavering ability to deliver songs that flawlessly  fuse genres together gaining fast wide-spread critical acclaim.

Shadow Moses (2013)

Glitchy cinematography complimented the new sound  BMTH had returned with –  this song equipped with vocal layering put forward a rich clean vocal styling unlike they had fully explored before. With this dramatic change, the Internet was quick to respond; gratifying Tumblr GIF makers with now one of the most iconically misheard lyric – ‘This Is Sandpit Turtle!” 


Drown (2014)

After what was a whirlwind reception to Sempiternal, selling out a headline Australian tour and successfully executing what is arguably one of the best sound reinventions alternative music fans have played witness to – fans were thrown this metaphorical bone in the means of the early release of ‘Drown’ ahead of their fifth LP, That’s The Spirit. Through ‘Drown’, fans not only saw the continuation of BMTH’s ongoing career spanning motif (in the means of a slight hospital affixation), but were also were treated to what proved to be a much more matured vocal styling from the diversified Oliver Sykes. Delivering a clean vocal style that still captured the same rawness present within their earlier bodies of work – doing so in a way similar to ‘Chelsea Smile’ – it’s likely plague your head and cause you to find yourself subconsciously singing along while doing even the most monotonous tasks.

All in all, the progressive path that has been the enormous career so far of BMTH is sure to stun fans across Australian this September – as they are set to cause fans to pile in masses into venues all to relive glimpses of days past gone through the anthems that hopefully will be played (anything pre-Sempiternal), while excitedly celebrating the future of the band and the prosperity ahead evident through new cult favourites ‘Shadow Moses’, ‘Drown’ and ‘True Friends’.

Tickets are online Wednesday, February 24th, and if any of this caused you to reminisce back on terrible haircuts, clothes you never were quite sure of where they disappeared to, or the dreaded Myspace photos you demanded PC4PC for – don’t miss your opportunity to celebrate the old, the new and everything in between that is Bring Me The Horizon.

Bring Me The Horizon
That’s The Spirit Australian Tour

Wednesday, 14th September
HBF Stadium Perth (All Ages)

Friday, 16th September
Riverstage, Brisbane (Licensed / All Ages)

Saturday, 17th September
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (Licensed / All Ages)

Tuesday, 20th September
AEC Theatre Adelaide (Licensed / All Ages)

Thursday, 22nd September
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (Licensed / All Ages)