On top of epic European festival slots, Central American Tours and a Behemoth headlining slot at California’s Desert Daze, King Gizzard have delivered a face melting lineup for this year’s instalment of Gizzfest. With sounds ranging from new wave, to folk, to garage punk, and of course, neo-psychedelia here are 5 acts you won’t want to be missing:

Spike Fuck

Spike Fuck are the narcotic obsessed ‘smackwave’ group hailing from none other than our fair ol’ city of Melbourne. Spike Fuck are sure to turn the moods down with their ethereal and misanthropic odes to abuse. A little bit synthy, and a little bit rock n’ roll, If you aren’t throbbing in misery after a Spike Fuck show, then you obviously have no soul.

Altin Gün

Being only 1 of 3 international acts on this year’s bill, Altin Gün, hailing from The Netherlands, contribute their unique blend of Turkish influenced psychedelic folk music. Being local favourites on the European touring circuit, this Dutch 6-piece are a group who come to life on stage. Expect eclectic instruments, mesmerising and soulful hooks and, dare I say it, a whole lot of movement.

Amyl & The Sniffers

Ever wondered who was to blame for the mullet resurgence? Look no further than local garage punk heroes Amyl & The Sniffers. Having piggybacked on segments of King Gizz’s US tour, and more than proved their name in Melbourne’s pub scene, an introduction is hardly necessary. Currently in the thick of their US/UK tour, Gizzfest looks set for a rejuvenated rendition of the already raucous and unpredictable grit that these 4 bring to the stage.

Nice Biscuit

At the tender age of two and a half, these Northern New South Walers have gone from strength to strength in a very short time. This dreamy, neo-psych 6-piece peaked earlier this year when they supported the Brian Jonestown Massacre at their Brisbane and Byron Bay shows. Hoping to steal a little more of the limelight before the year is up, Gizzfest will be delivering what’s likely to be their largest show to date in all of its sparkly retro glory.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Yes, I am including the very band the festival is named after, but this faux pas isn’t without good reason. Never a band to do things by halves, King Gizzard are delivering a 3 hour show covering their entire lifespan. You can expect  a setlist from as far back as 2011’s Anglesea, all the way through their novelty sized discography. If you thought the epic overseas praise has gone to their heads then think again, they’re taking all that foreign love and bringing it all the way back home.

Gizzfest’s full lineup:

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Altin Gün

Tropical Fuck Storm

The Mystery Lights (USA)

Amyl & The Sniffers


Surfbort (USA)

Body Type

Baked Beans



Spike Fuck

Nice Biscuit

Leah Senior

Traffik Islan

Bitch Diesel


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