If like your rock music full of heart, packed with riffs and energetic as hell, then local rockers BORN LION are for you! Having recently released their debut album Final Words, the four-piece have been extrmemely hard a work touring nationally to tearing the roof off venues somewhere near you!

We managed to nab some time with Nathan Mulholland who was kind enough to  answer some of our hard-hitting questions in a little interview we like to call FIRSTS and LASTS.

Tell us about your first memory of playing with Born Lion?

I remember my audition with them. They were originally the Watt Riot. I got the EP, learned the songs and played them in the rehearsal space. I thought they sounded great, I knew I wanted to make music with these guys.

What was the last song you nailed in rehearsals?

I pretty much never play our song Good Times Jimmy properly. It’s just a head fuck. But I think I’m finally at the point where I’m not making any really obvious mistakes though… That’s nailing it, right?

Can you recall your first public performance? (Primary School ‘Talent Quests’ included)

I played Carousel by Blink 182 with a couple of other guys from school. We thought we were the absolute shit. We were absolute shit.

What is the last thing you would expect people to already know about Born Lion?

Our guitarist, Red, is a doctor. No shit, he is a clinical psychologist. If I was a doctor, I’d be wearing a t-shirt with huge fuck off letters that read I AM A DOCTOR, but not our Red. He’s too humble for that. But for real, eight years of uni (I think), a dissertation, he could mark the box that reads “Dr” on forms, all that sort of shit. A real, true to life, doctor goes around playing aggressive, angular punk rock. It’s awesome. Sorry I outed you, Red.

What was the first piece of musical advice you were given? Who gave it?

I once read the following quote from Billy Joe Armstrong: (I think it was him)

Play football. No one gives a shit if you’re in a band.

When was the last time you were embarrassed?

I’ve been caught rapping in my car so many times. I don’t know that I’m embarrassed by that though. If T. Swizzle can drop Kendrick’s “Backseat Freestyle” and get a million likes on IG and then collab with him, why can’t I rap the shit out of Zac De la Rocha’s verse in Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck. RTJ, where’s my collab?

What was the last Youtube video that cracked you up?

I imagine it had a cat in it.

What’s your first choice track to test at sound-check? Do you only ever play your own songs?

I have three:

Remedy by Hot Water Music for my first sound. It’s one of my favourite punk rock songs ever.

Breed by Nirvana for my dirty sound. I just love that sound, and that riff. It’s what I was shooting for when putting my pedal board together.

Black Skinhead by Kanye West. I just think this song is a banger, and it’s really fun to play. Hopefully it pisses a few people off when I play it too.

What was the last thing you did as a band, that wasn’t music related?

Probably ate some really terrible food at a service station somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney.

What was the last song you covered?

We’ve actually never covered a song as a band. We’ve never sat down together, had a discussion about playing someone else’s song, and then figured out how to execute it between the four of us. From time to time we’ll just hammer out half of something fun, like Breed by Nirvana, at rehearsal, but it generally falls apart pretty quickly once we get to part of the song one of us doesn’t know.

Which Born Lion track would you recommend to a first-time listener, that best encapsulates what you’re all about?

I think our song Rest In Pieces is probably the song that really encapsulates what we’re all about. There’s certainly other songs that have a more broad appeal or whatever, and others that we’ve really tried to push ourselves in different directions, but RIP seemed to be the solidification of the archetypical
“Born Lion Sound”. Funnily enough, it’s also the first time we had someone from outside the band actually feature on a track. Jesse from Grenadiers came and did some lead vocals for that track. We had Dean and Lachlan from Gay Paris, and our Producer, Dave Hammer do some backing vocals to get a little bit more texture onto the record, but Jesse did standalone parts of that song.

Final Words is out now via FOUR|FOUR Music

Final Words 2015 Tour Dates 
Thursday September 24 – Prince of Wales, Bunbury
Friday September 25 – Jimmy’s Den, Perth
Friday October 2 – The Entrance Leagues Club, The Entrance
Saturday October 3 – Captain’s At Mariners, Bateman’s Bay (Tix here)
Friday October 9 – Cherry Bar, Melbourne
Friday October 16 – The Loft, Warrnambool
Saturday October 17 – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide (Tix here)