We delve into some first-time experiences, advice, and memories along with some last group excursions, moments of embarrassment and last watched YouTube videos with the Brisbane-based alternative, independent electronic trash trio Architects of Sound. 

The renowned recluses are about to go public by sharing intimate moments at their upcoming debut Victorian shows at the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival from the 17th – 20th September + 22nd September at The 86 in Fitzroy.

Tell us about your first memory of performing as Architects of Sound?

We remember it vividly. Our first arena gig at Nandos, Strathpine was … iconic. There’s no other word to describe it really. You could hear a pin drop. The crowd was simply entranced by our organic post-electro anthems, meditative vocal stylings and choreographed dance sequences. It caught the underground Brisbane music scene off-guard and cemented our status in the industry as “Brisbane’s most influential avant-garde sonic exports”

What was the last song you nailed in rehearsals?

Two words. Our first single from our yet-to-be-released album, The Holy Trinity, “Shittyballs”.

Can you recall your first public performance? (Primary School ‘Talent Quests’ included)

Of course. Sutro’s first public performance actually occurred in the womb. It was a durational performance work titled “Gestation”. It lasted for 17 months. Valencia Low-fi was a lead back-up dancer for Nikki Webster’s timeless performance at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Amaro featured on the first ever season of “Toddlers and Tiaras” as both a toddler and a mother.

What is the last thing you would expect people to already know about Architects of Sound?

We don’t just write music for human consumption. All of our songs contain sonic elements above 20,000 Hz for the aural pleasure of canines. It’s opened up a whole new market. As sonic innovators, it is important to push the boundaries and explore the previously unchartered aural territory.

What was the first piece of musical advice you were given? Who gave it?

If you’re struggling to hit a note, or, have no musical talent, just whisper. It works every time. Thank you, Sophie Monk.

When was the last time you were embarrassed and why?

Embarrassment is a mostly foreign concept to us. However, Amaro became self-conscious recently when she entered a Best and Less in her iconic black turtleneck and pineapple earrings combo … and nobody recognised her. She is still undergoing intensive electro-shock therapy to repair the psychological damage.

What was the last Youtube video you watched?

“Bjork Talking About Her TV”. It is easily the most informative HowTo video on the internet.

What’s your first ever song you learnt to play?

The theme tune to Burke’s Backyard. All of the verse … and chorus. It was exhausting.

What was the last thing you did as a band, that wasn’t music related?

We recently went on an excursion to Australia Zoo. Valencia finally fulfilled his/her childhood dream of riding an emu.

Which Architects of Soundtrack would you recommend to a first-time listener, that best encapsulates what you’re all about?

Puss Puss. It is easily our worst song. Yet, somehow, it is still genius. There’s only up from there.

What was the last Theatre / comedy show did you attend and where was it?

It was the Marina Abramović art installation, 512 Hours, at the London Serpentine Gallery. We put on blindfolds, sat on waterbeds and wore sound-cancelling headphones to explore the concept of nothingness. We can’t remember the last time we were this inspired.

Will there be any firsts for you at your upcoming shows for Melbourne Fringe Festival?

Yes, this will be the first time Sutro will stay up past her bedtime.

The Architects of Sound 
The 86, 185 Smith St, Fitzroy
17th – 20th September + 22nd September
Times: 6:45pm, Sunday 20th 6:45pm and 9:30pm
Tickets: Full $20 // Concession $15 // Cheap Tuesday $10

The Architects of Sound will also perform at Opening Night Gala on Friday 18th September at the Fringe Club located inside the North Melbourne Town at 10.00pm.

Book tickets now via melbournefringe.com.au or call (03) 96609666