Three-piece scuzz rockers, Claws & Organs have just released their new single, ‘Alphabetti Spaghetti’.  Recorded at Head Gap Studios with producer, Neil Thomason, the track showcases Heather Thomas’ grungy vocals and band’s infectious knack for a good melody.

Dave from Claws & Organs reveals some of the first and last moments, memories and excursions.

How did your very first Claws & Organs jam sesh come about?

Nick and I (Dave) had played in a few other bands and hadn’t played in a while, so we figured why not try out something a little more stripped back.

Who was the first band you saw live?

Sunk Loto at the Livid festival. Bet you haven’t heard that name in a while. Or ever…

Can you recall the first time you knew that you wanted to make music?

Probably singing along to Linkin Park or Korn or something along those lines in my bedroom.

Who is the last person you’d want to see snooping about your bandroom?

A guitar thief.

What was the last festival you attended as a punter?


Who was the last person in the band to injure themselves?

Heather got her hair caught in her hairdryer this morning.

Tell us about your first Claws & Organs gig? How did it go? What was it like?

It went really well. It was at the Evelyn before Heather joined the band on a Sunday night. The room was pretty empty, but it was a quality over quantity type thing. I forgot many lyrics.

What would be your first choice gig/festival to headline, anywhere in the world?

Something in Scandinavia would be cool, on an ice field or something like that. Or something in a big European forest. I like forests.

What was the last movie you watched and actually enjoyed?

Lego movie.

What are the first lyrics that pop into your head when someone mentions Claws & Organs?

Probably the chorus to Alphabetti Spaghetti. That’s the one I’ve heard the most lately.

When was the last time you were embarrassed?

I sent a text having a whinge about someone to that person instead of the correct person while they were standing next to me a little while ago. I think he’s gotten over it now. Or he resents me secretly.

Who is your first choice understudy?

I reckon this guy could nail all the shouty bits in our songs…

What is the first thing someone heading to a Claws & Organs gig should know?

They should bring earplugs.

Claws & Organs ‘Alphabetti Spaghetti’ is available now via  The double A side 7″ will be available in November via LISTEN Records.