The Falls Festival setup is in full swing, with the line-ups announced and tents at the ready for the 3 events around the country this New Years.

And to add to the festivities, The 2016 Falls Festival Art Village program has just been announced, with an array of interpretive dance, acrobatics and even a bit of yoga!

Becky Lou in shake · The World Record Show · Basha · Llama boy · Karaoke · So you think you can interpretive dance · Ten minute dance parties · Tina Del Twist · Miss Friby and her Mad Artistes · Lessons with Luis · Tetrahedra · Woodlock · Sex on Toast · Tommy Castles · Mighty Duke and the Lords · The Shabbab · The low down Big Band · 8 Foot Felix · Edward Francis · Pavlova · Isobel Herteag · Chaos Magnet · Count Bunt · Largerphones · Tanzer · John Citizen · Glam · Battle Island! · Yoga · Sugar Basin Beauty Salon.

Sounds from Planet Sol · Pillage the Village · Mr Snot Bottom · Joe Fisher, Juggling Master · the Birdmann and Egg · Dr Professor Neal Portenza · So you think you can interpretive dance · Ten minute dance parties · Continental Drift · The Tom Waits sessions · Masala · Los Kumbia Killers · The Surreal Estate Agents · Jax · R O B O T I K U S · Guthrie · Violet Swells · Salty Serge · Group Noise · Chupacabra · Aon Stalp and the out of Towners · Dance in a Shoebox · All the Weathers · Weddings · Lisa Skye · Gherkin Khan’s Amusement Arcade for Young Warriors. · Shadow photo booth · Camp Cheveaux · Team Textiles · Blood, Sex, Tears · Llama Boy · Yoga · Nail Polish · Dance in a shoe box · Benjamin Pasanen · Jed Appleton · Lisa Skye · The Rag Dolls face painting · Forum discussions + more.

Sketch the Rhyme · Lunatic Spectacular with Dan Nimmo · Duke Dreamer · Kiki and Pascal · Kiki Bittovabitsch · The Great Dave · Zebi Stripes · Vardos · Shai Shriki · Shak Shuka · The Button Collective · The Imprints · Shep Huntley · Merryn Jeann · The Cassettes · Vardos · Transylvanian Gypsy Kings · The Great Dave · Sir Anthony Livingspace · Leo · Mae Wilde · Scimshaw Four · Kaya Boom · Liam Powers · Nick Doyle · Ilona Harker · Two Age · DJs Shizzle, Timbo, Crucial D and more.

The first night of each event has a fancy dress theme and this year is Tinseltown, so come in your sparkly best for the ‘Boogie Nights fancy dress theme!

Falls Festival is happening from the 28th December to the 3rd January (dates depending on State.) To purchase tickets for Marion Bay and Byron Bay Falls Festival, visit the Falls Festival website.