If you thought that opera was destined for the dustbin of culture, think again.

Lost & Found, a new opera company  is on a mission to rediscover lost operas and present them in found spaces that speak to the resonance of the work.

In their newest production, Lost & Found has partnered with Perth’s Fremantle Arts Centre to present Darius Milhaud’s (1892–1974) 1938 opera Médée.

Taken from the final sections of the Ancient Greek tragedy Medea, Mèdèe explores a woman’s psychological state as it shifts from the contemplation of marital infidelity to exacting revenge and, in a chilling climax to the slowly wrought catharsis, the murder of her two children.

With a keen influence in presenting the opera in a similar context, FAC’s history of its first incarnation as a lunatic asylum and later as a women’s home makes it an apt staging point.

Performed in a room that contains one of the asylum’s original cells, with a limited capacity of fifty people, this promises to be an intimate and haunting production.
WHEN: Preview Mon 11 May, opening night wed 13 May 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24 May, doors 6:30pm
WHERE: Fremantle Arts Centre
PRICE: $52.05