Melbourne-based photographer Dave Reece has been photographing gigs for just over 18 months after moving to Australia from the UK. He started out by taking photos for friends in bands and local up and coming musicians. Dave has covered gigs ranging from small intimate shows to festivals giving him the opportunity to photograph artists John Butler Trio, Vance Joy, Ben Howard, Biffy Clyro and Angus and Julia Stone, and many more. 

We asked Dave to reveal his favourite images and who he likes to follow on Instagram, ahead of exhibiting at our Citizens of the Streets event on Thursday, August 20.

Your Instagram is full of live music shots, which artist photos are your favourite and why?

I’d have to say my photos of John Butler and Vance Joy are my favourites, it’s hard to say why but they just stand out to me when I look at my photos. I can remember those two shows really well as they were full of energy and just super entertaining!

John Butler

There are many crowd shots also, which is your favourite crowd shot and why?

My favourite crowd shot is the one from Falls Festival in Tasmania where a guy was crowd surfing in a wheelchair and he also happened to have Tassie written on his shirt. It’s not often you see that happen.

Falls Tassie copy

Favourite unrelated music photo on your Instagram?

That would probably be the batman key holder from my house. My housemates think Batman is the best superhero so one of them decided we had to have the batman logo for our keys. It did come out great to be fair.

Dave Reece batman copy

What musicians do you like to follow on Instagram and why?

I follow local bands/artists in and around Melbourne such as Tash Sultana, WILSN and the Pierce Brothers as well as my favourite international artists. If I cover any gigs I will always start following the band/artist so that I can mention them in my posts. It’s a cool way, firstly as a fan and also as a photographer, to see what musicians get up to and also to see how the tour photographers or band members capture their moments.

Wilsin copy

Non-music related page to follow and why?

Humans of New York. It’s a great project and an idea that I wish I could have had. The stories that people tell and the variety of people is just so interesting. It’s amazing how much people are prepared to reveal about their lives to someone that is a stranger holding a camera.

What do you like most about Instagram?

I think it has to be the ability to connect with the people that I follow and those that kindly follow me. As a photographer, it’s a great platform to get your photos seen by performers and fans. There’s nothing cooler than an artist liking or reposting your photo after you have tagged or mentioned them.

Do you have a favourite photo you’ve been tagged in?

I actually think I have managed to survive being tagged in any photos on my photography page. I definitely prefer being behind the lens instead of in front of it. The closest thing you’ll find is me in the background of a video that was taken from my GoPro as I travelled with a mates band to Swagger Festival last year.

Do you have any guilty pleasure follows on Instagram?

To be honest I’m not sure I do, haha, but if I had to say one then I would probably say, Taylor Swift. It’s not much of a guilty pleasure as she is killing it lately, and let’s be honest, I don’t know too many people that don’t like her.

Taylor Swift

Dave Reece will be exhibiting at Citizens of the Streets  at Shadow Electric Bandroom Abbotsford on Thursday 20th August, 2015.
Doors 7pm – 11.00pm
Horace Bones
The Sand Dollars
Wise Child
Pretty City DJs
Photography by David Reece & Teresa Pham
Art installation by Sarah Fern